KORPIKLAANI release video for ANTHRAX cover “Ennen”

Finnish Folk Metal Superstars KORPIKLAANI released their 11th studio album Jylhä back in February 2021. The album was hailed by critics and fans alike as the most elaborate and mature KORPIKLAANI album to date. While this might be true, it doesn’t mean our favourite Finns forgot how to party: during the “Jylhä” sessions they took the classic ANTHRAX banger “Got The Time” (a song originally released in 1978 by British musician JOE JACKSON) and converted it into a typical KORPIKLAANI tune called “Ennen” (“Before”). But that’s not all – they’ve filmed a wild and very entertaining video, shot by Markku Kirves & again starring actor Yrjänä Ermala, which is being released along with the cover song. Enjoy!

This was the first time a video producer encouraged us to drink while on a video shoot and we were very happy to do as directed!

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