MONO INC. : Ravenblack

MONO INC., a gothic rock from Hamburg, Germany will release their twelfth studio album, Ravenblack in late January through NoCut Entertainment. The label is the band’s own independent label formed in 2004 from frustrations of […]

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Atrocity : Okkult III

Germany’s Atrocity will be releasing Okkult III in late January through Massacre Records. The album release marks the third and final piece of the Okkult trilogy which began in 2013 with Okkult I. The second […]

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Ahab : The Coral Tombs

Ahab, the admirals of nautical doom metal have returned after an eight year studio album absence. The originators of an entire genre will release The Coral Tombs via Napalm Records in January 2023. It will […]

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Obituary : Dying for Everything

Florida’s Obituary are set to release their tenth studio album titled Dying of Everything through Relapse Records in January 2023. The release will follow their 2017 self released album simply titled Obituary. Even though Obituary […]