BELTFED WEAPON Release New EP “Darkened Demise” Out Now!

Darkened Demise features:
guitarist Frank Hetzel with Esteemed Metal Musicians
Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel), Tim Aymar (Control Denied),
Jeff Loomis (Nevermore/Arch Enemy), Kragen Lum (Exodus/Heathen),
Jason Viebrooks (Exhorder, Grip Inc.) and Bryan Newbury (Into Eternity)

Beltfed Weapon hails from Seattle and was founded in 1999 by guitarist/songwriter Frank Hetzel.   For more than 20 years, Frank Hetzel has been a staple of the Seattle metal scene. He first established himself in music by booking national and international touring bands. On the side – at least at first – he was the guitarist and primary songwriter for Beltfed Weapon, a Pacific Northwest band influenced by speed, thrash, and death metal.

Over the years, the group released three critically-acclaimed EPs, and along the way, Beltfed Weapon played shows with metal luminaries including Testament, Over-Kill. Death Angel, Nevermore, Mushroomhead, Nile, God Forbid, Nuclear Assault, Cryptopsy, and Agnostic Front. More recently, Hetzel teamed with ex-Metal Church vocalist Ronny Munroe to release the single and video “P.O.W.” Proceeds helped cover medical expenses for Munroe’s wife and manager, who was battling cancer.

Beltfed Weapon has released three EPs  Beltfed Weapon (2001), Peacekeeper (2009), and Raining Plague (2015). Beltfed Weapon recordings have featured special guests Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, Death, Sadus) [Bass]; Fredrik Vidigs (Marduk) [Drums]; Dean Sternberg (Where Evil Follows, Ashes Of Ares, ex-Into Eternity touring singer) [Vocals]; and Andy Beech [Lead Guitar]. Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, Nevermore, Sanctuary) and Matt Wicklund (Ghost Ship Octavius, God Forbid, Warrel Dane, HIMSA), and more.

Beltfed Weapon has returned with its best, most ambitious, and most creative offering. Hetzel spent years writing five new songs and tracking them with an all-star lineup that includes members of Morbid Angel, Control Denied, Arch Enemy, Black Label Society, Exhorder, Into Eternity, and Heathen which comprise the Darkened Demise EP, released June 25, 2023.

Beltfed Weapon’s EP Darkened Demise, mixed by Juan Urtega,  features Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel), Jason Viebrooks (Exhorder/Grip Inc),  JD DeServio (Black Label Society), Tim Aymar (Control Denied), Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy), Kragen Lum (Heathen). Bryan Newbury (Into Eternity) and Dagna Silesia (Ghost Ship Octavius).

Combining four or more metal styles into a single batch of songs is no small accomplishment. And Darkened Demise is packed with abrupt tempo shifts, staggered rhythms, extended middle-eights, and other musical hairpin turns that keep the music exciting and unpredictable.

  YOUTUBE:  beltfed weapon official – YouTube
Frank Hetzel
Steve TuckerKragen Lum
Jason ViebrooksBryan Newbury