Album Reviews

AHAB: Live Prey

Few bands can claim the creation of a sub-genre that is band specific. Germany’s AHAB is one of those bands. The band’s creation is known as Nautic Funeral Doom. The band pulls their musical and […]

Concert Reviews

Streaming With A Pulse

Todd Pack delivering vocals during the Iron Jaw set. Photo by Brian McLean As restaurants, salons and other small businesses slowly began to reopen, live music venues patiently wait for the green light. Some of […]

Album Reviews

Candlemass: The Pendulum

Sweden’s classic doom metal icons Candlemass had a productive and eventful 2019. Original vocalist Johan Langquist who fronted the band on their debut, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus returned. The debut album itself is legendary in its […]

Album Reviews

Magic Sword: Endless

Magic Sword, mysteriously hailing from Boise has returned with a new studio effort titled Endless through Joyful Noise Recordings. The release, Volume 2, Chapter 3 Endless, continues the tale and battle of good and evil. […]