Dizasterpiece Drops Video for Nosferatu

East Coast Rapcore group Dizasterpiece will release their new album “ZZONEBOUND [QRX4-Notion]” on May 17th. “Nosferatu” is the first video from the album.

Watch it here:

“Nosferatu” tunes into the melodic shoegaze/alternative rock/nu-metal side of the group, with slamming dropped tuned guitars, and hard-hitting vocals. Lyrics like “No I won’t bend. Black hole of a room w bad souls again. Fiending off my energy, and my energy is my currency therefore making them my enemies. My magic gets tainted even if I came powerful (damaging my stamina.) And the second I disconnected, I got showers full of blessings. Always trust your gut” showcasing the songwriting talent of the group, while genius instrumentation and mixing showcase talent of producers like long-time collaborator “illgorythmz”.

“I am very excited about this project, it’s my favorite music I’ve ever made.” -Diz (vocals, rhythm guitar, and sound samples for Dizasterpiece)

We will be talking with Diz on Brutal Planet Media Live next week!