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Today, pagan metal quintet ARKONA have revealed an official music video for their beautiful synth-driven track “Ugasaya”, just in time for the release of their new album, Kob’, also out today! Conceptually, the album is a catabasis depicting humanity’s gradual descent into the abyss. Every problem of humanity is indicated in the album in the order of its inevitable occurrence.

Surrounded by tormented nature, the official music video for “Ugasaya” reflects the broken soul of Mother Earth and the dystopian world we are living in. Bone-dry earth surrounds a former beautiful lake as ARKONA perform their doom metal-inspired song. The shattering and dreadful scenery merges the rhythmic synths and a grooving baseline, creating a turbulent atmosphere with the depths of Masha’s growls and heartbreaking screams.

ARKONA on the new music video for “Ugasaya”:


“‘Ugasaya’ is the third step out of 6, which humanity is consciously taking down the path into the abyss, thus dooming all human race to total annihilation. This song tells about an ecological catastrophe, the inevitable result of the insane deeds committed by human beings throughout their entire existence and worthless living at the expense of the endless suffering of Mother Earth. It’s about natural cataclysms and disasters, as consequences of human intervention in the desire to rise above the true divine essence of nature, resulting in all the elements rebel against the humans, and nature, initially being the only parent – Creator, killing its insensitive and selfish child.” 

Watch the official music video for “Ugasaya” HERE

“At the beginning of the song, you can hear the parable by the Soviet filmmaker Konstantin Lopushansky, which states:  

“Look at yourself, human! For there is nothing more beautiful than you. Lies – that’s your name, and hypocrisy – that’s your deeds. Everything you touch will be desecrated: the living and the dead, trees and stones of planets, air, animals and fish. Everything will be poisoned, everything will be distorted…”


Media Praise for Kob’:

ARKONA won the soundcheck of

“A sincere, intense album that grows in appreciation with each exploration”

— Rock Hard, FR)

“The darkest creation in their discography so far.”  

— Bianca Härtzsch / Metal Hammer, DE

“The band’s darkest album, to date, a reflection on the darkness humanity creates for itself.” — A&P Reacts, US

“An extreme and their blackest masterpiece that goes beyond words and stands as an absolute peak in the Russian band’s discography”

— Rock Hard, IT

“A fascinating album with a lot to offer.”

— Powerplay UK

ARKONA on the new album, Kob’:

“We’re enormously proud to present you our new album, Kob’, which is finally ready to step out into this world in its full glory. Clad in a black robe, it’s prepared to reveal itself in the image of the many-faced and majestic death, which inevitably leads us along an invisible thread, by the whisper of a prophetic divination spell called Kob’.

“Close your eyes. Led by the Universal Darkness that has risen from the grave, taste the flesh of a blatant bloody reality. Drink the tears of Mother Earth’s sufferings. Take your filthy skin off your innocent face, in order to be cleansed from the suffering received during the dark power of epidemics and wars which were created by your pure, gentle hands.

For you are a human and the world hasn’t seen anything more beautiful than you….”

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Preparing listeners for the first step into the abyss, the album opener “Izrechenie. Nachalo” (ENG: The Speech. The Beginning) gently takes the listener’s hand, leading them into trancelike realms of ominous whispers and murmuring voices – a recurring motif on the album. Dominated by rhythmic synths and a catchy bassline, “Ugasaya” (ENG: Fadin’ Away) represents the modern era of ARKONA’s pagan roots, as well as the great diversity in their music.

Although Kob’ is dedicated to pagan metal, “Mor”, one of the album’s longest tracks, leans towards black metal – forming the most epic hymn on the album. Not only articulating through lyrics, Masha also sets the tone with her keyboard solo on the emotional “Razryvaya plot’ ot bezyskhodnosti bytiya” (ENG: Tearing the flesh owing to the despair of being). While society digs its own grave through wars, religious beliefs and environmental problems, pensive wind instruments and acoustic guitar interludes transform the aggression of deep low growls and fast-paced guitar shredding. Closing the album with the world’s absolute apocalypse on “Izrechenie. Iskhod” (ENG: The Speech. The Conclusion), Kob’ is deeply rooted in pagan metal stylings of the old days, but offers a modern spirit via its production and variety alike.

Kob’ Track List:

1. Izrechenie. Nachalo

2. Kob’

3. Ydi

4. Ugasaya

5. Mor

6. Na zakate bagrovogo solntsa

7. Razryvaya plot’ ot bezyskhodnosti bytiya

8. Izrechenie. Iskhod

Kob’ will be available in the following formats:

=> Ltd. Deluxe Wooden Box (incl. Flag, Patch, Pendant, 6 x Collectors Card) – limited to 300 copies, Napalm Records Shop exclusively

=> Ltd. 2LP Gatefold Black/White Marbled (12″ Booklet (20p), Slipmat, Record Butler) – limited to 300 copies, Napalm Records Shop exclusively

=> 2LP Gatefold BLACK

=> 1-CD Digisleeve

=> Digital Album

[Ltd. Deluxe Wooden Box (incl. Flag, Patch, Pendant, 6 x Collectors Card) – limited to 300 copies, Napalm Records Shop exclusively]

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07.10.23 BE – Arlon / Night Metal

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10.10.23 PL – Bialystok / Zmiana Klimatu

11.10.23 LV – Riga / Melna Peiktdiena

12.10.23 EST – Tallin / Tapper

13.10.23 FI – Oulu / Kantakrouvi

14.10.23 FI – Tampere / Olympia Kortteli

15.10.23 FI – Helsinki / Vanha Ylioppilastalo


Masha “Scream” – Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion

Sergei “Lazar” – Guitars

Ruslan “Kniaz” – Bass

Vladimir “Volk” – Wind Instruments

Alexander Smirnov – Drums


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