NANOWAR OF STEEL Releases Heartfelt Italian Ballad “Biancodolce” 

Watch HERE
The new pop single by the former parody metal band is a touching tribute to Italy’s FESTIVAL DI SANREMO 
NANOWAR OF STEEL, who recently retired from their brand of parody heavy metal but have been lauded with viral songs such as “Valhallelujah” and “Uranus”, reveal their next emotional single after radically reinventing themselves as a boyband pop group!
On “Biancodolce”, NANOWAR OF STEEL pursue their newly found path of Italian pop music. Emotional piano melodies lead into heart-wrenchingly sung verses, evoking goosebumps like classic EROS RAMAZOTTI records. The vocals complement each other in a grand, majestic finale – NANOWAR OF STEEL prove themselves to be aficionados of Italian pop!
Watch the Official Music Video for “Biancodolce” HERE:
NANOWAR OF STEEL states about “Biancodolce”:
“Biancodolce” (white-sweet) is NANOWAR OF STEEL’s anthem for the most epic Italian Music Festival – the world-renewed FESTIVAL DI SANREMO. On our way to becoming the most hated metal band (and the most loved pop one) this song is a step further towards our ultimate plastification and na-na-na-na-na-na-ification. We hope you’ll be disappointed one more time!”
Gatto Panceri 666 – Bass 
Potowotominimak – Vocals
Mr. Baffo – Vocals
Abdul – Guitar
Uinona Raider – Drums

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