Zakk Sabbath (Ride for Dimebash) – August 27, 2019 @ Gas Monkey Live in Dallas, Texas

This is Part II of the Mac, Zakk and Black concert review series

Zakk Sabbath, the early Ozzy Osbourne era Black Sabbath tribute cover band headlined the Ride for Dimebash DFW 2019 event at the Gas Monkey Live on the band’s recently concluded 20-date North American tour.

The band’s August 27th appearance was more than just a tour stop though, Zakk Sabbath was paying homage to Dimebag Darrell Abbott and the charity event in Abbott’s name. Proceeds from the event benefitted the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Foundation as well as local animal shelters.

Zakk Sabbath which is fronted by Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society) who handles guitars and vocal duties also features BLS bassist John JD De Servio and drummer Joey Castillo but there were others that also took part in the event.

Sharing entertainment duties for the festivities was Los Angeles based Kill Devil Hill, That Metal Show co-host turned comedian Don Jamieson and a Dimebag tribute set performed by Grim Reaper founding member/guitarist and author/columnist Nick Bowcott. Hosting the event was the voice behind Liquid Metal, Jose Mangin.

In addition to the music and comedy relief between bands, Dimebag related prizes such as a Dean Guitar and Dimebag skateboard were raffled off. Additional fundraisers such as Dimebag merchandise, swag and Ride for Dimebash tickets for the 1 2 BBQ that was being held at the “fortress” also known as Dimebag’s house several days later were available.

The full-blown Dimebag Darrell style BBQ blowout was hosted by Rita Haney and many volunteer helpers of Ride for Dimebash including the BBQ meat slayer David Grohl.

Come to the Sabbath

Following a tape of intro of “Supertzar” from the Sabotage album, sporting a blue kilt with red and yellow plaid patterns and his denim BLS vest, Wylde and his bandmates launched into the set opener “Supernaut.”

Many times throughout the night, Wylde positioned himself on his stage riser throwing his hair from side to side. The additional height advantage to the towering Wylde allowed him to conquer the crowd on numerous occasions with his purple Barbarian guitar.

The Zakk Sabbath set consisted of material from the 1970 Black Sabbath self – titled debut and every release that followed through 1975’s Sabotage album. Black Sabbath staples such as “Tomorrow’s Dream,” “Fairies Wear Boots,” “Children of the Grave,” “N.I.B.” and “War Pigs” were present and accompanied with long Wylde styled solos.

Zakk Sabbath just didn’t rely on the more common Black Sabbath songs though, the band tossed in several deep cuts such as “A National Acrobat,” “Wicked World,” “Hand of Doom,” and “Into the Void” as well as taped playbacks of “Orchid” and “Embryo” which allowed Wylde time to switch Barbarians.

At several points during the night, surrounded by security, Wylde took his guitar playing off the stage and into the crowd. Whether his soloing occurred behind the barricade, midpoint of the general admission floor or on top of the venue’s liquor displays, the faithful followed with cell phones raised while in video mode.

Unless attending an Ozzy show, the Zakk Sabbath experience is truly the only way to experience that Black Sabbath sound dropped onto the world in 1970.

Not only did Wylde, Castillo, and De Servio serve up a healthy dose of vintage Sabbath, but the band also did justice to the memory of St. Dime and St. Vinnie as well. The love and respect for the Abbott brothers was as solid as the fortress of sound Zakk Sabbath delivered. That’s the Zakk Sabbath experience in Dallas Fort Worth.