YATRA: “Eyes Of Light” Now Playing Exclusively At The Obelisk

Stream YATRA’s “Eyes Of Light” HERE.
Maryland doom metal trio YATRA prepares to release their damaging third full-length – and second for 2020 – All Is Lost, in early October through Grimoire Records. With the record closing in, the new single “Eyes Of Light” is now playing through an exclusive premiere hosted by The Obelisk.
YATRA‘s heaviest album to date, All Is Lost surges with nine new tracks that bring an enticing new level of quality and cohesiveness to the unit. Heavier and denser, with more vibrant psychedelic poise, All Is Lost devastates with nine new tracks that once again place the band into the upper echelons of the genre. All Is Lost was captured at Tiny Castle in June, engineered, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Noel Mueller of Grimoire Records, and completed with cover art by Paolo Girardi (Power Trip, Black Breath, Bell Witch).
Offers YATRA‘s Dana Helmuth of the song, “Athalon is a mythical place or kingdom I invented in the Yatra world, based off the Greek root definition of a major event or trial. ‘Scepters seeking of Athalon’ pertains to these self-righteous leaders and charlatans portraying their magical world that will exist if you bow down and follow their scepter. ‘Eyes of light they shine, like broken diamonds of night.'”
The Obelisk reviews every angle of the crushing All Is Lost in a massive review accompanying the track, writing in part, “YATRA just made their best album yet… the viciousness of their execution is a statement unto itself that just because it can’t be hand-delivered doesn’t mean punishment isn’t to be meted out. They went back home and found themselves. It’s like the start of a rom-com, only with deathsludge riffs and talons lacing into weak flesh.”
Listen to YATRA’s “Eyes Of Light,” exclusively at The Obelisk, RIGHT HERE.
All Is Lost will see release through Grimoire Records October 9th on CD, digital download, and in a limited vinyl run of 100 copies. Find preorders HERE.
Watch for additional audio and more to be posted over the weeks ahead.
YATRA completed four US tours in 2019 alone, including Monolith On The Mesa, Electric Funeral, SXSW, New England Doom Fest, Grim Reefer, and Descendants Of Crom, as well as a three week European tour including performances for huge audiences at Desertfest Belgium, Hostsabbat, Into The Void, and Setalite among others. YATRA has shared the stage with Sleep, Eyehategod, Uada, Torche, Om, Conan, Big Business, Nebula, and countless others.
Upon release of their acclaimed 2018 Death Ritual debut LP via Grimoire Records, YATRA immediately found a secure place in the doom metal scene, providing a devastating brew of crushing musicianship backed with an equally potent element of psychedelic prowess, inciting widespread reactions from media and fans alike. The band gigged and toured heavily on the album, while work was underway on their second record, Blood Of The Night, which saw release via STB Records in early 2020. Just as the band was primed to peak with a new round of international touring, the COVID-19 pandemic engulfed the globe, and alongside every other touring act worldwide, things came to a stunning halt for the band.
YATRA instantly went into full-on construction of the next phase of their journey, taking the ideas they had for the third album into a fresh dimension of instantaneous new reality. The elements of their third LP, All Is Lost, were born, and a new plan was implemented. Once the immediate lockdowns and quarantines of the virus crisis were lifted, the members of the band returned to Grimoire Records, and locked up with label/studio guru Noel Mueller to capture the new songs under the strictest social-distancing-friendly circumstances, to record the new album.
Now in 2020, when touring is one element in a questionable future, YATRA delivers their second album of the year with a monolithic statement of not slowing down.
Review copies of All Is Lost and interviews with YATRA are now available. For all coverage of the band worldwide contact dave@earsplitcompound.com