XYSMA Ends 25-Year Hiatus and Releases New Video for “Well Seasoning”

Since the late 1980’s when a new form of metal started to emerge from the ashes of the speed and thrash metal movements, Xysma was there making a racket.

They’ve gone a long way from the pus-oozing grindcore of ‘Swarming Of The Maggots’(1989) to the death rolling groove of ‘Deluxe and Lotto’ a few years later, becoming an internationally revered cult band over the years.

Recently the band thought it best to end a 25-year sabbatical and announced that there’s a new album in the works!

Titled, ‘No Place Like Alone’, the album will be released on Svart Records in early 2023
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The first slice of things to come drops this week.

The short and to-the-point song is eerily reminiscent of classic mid-nineties Xysma, making the quarter of a century that separates us from those classic albums disappear.
Well Seasoning” is the first song the band finished after the decision to start working on new material. Xysma‘s sound has varied greatly from album to album, and ‘No Place Like Alone” is no exception to that golden rule.

In addition to straightforward hard rocking numbers the record has its share of heavier moments, but surprising elements abound as well.

The single “Well Seasoning”, a two-and-a-half-minute metal ode to the joys of cooking, will be out on Friday 7th of October and the band will play a single-release show at Tavastiain in Helsinki, Finland on October 15th.
Xysma are:
Olli Nurminen–guitar
Teppo Pulli–drums
Kalle Taivainen–bass
Janne Lastumäki–keys