XANDRIA Releases New Video for “Two Worlds”

The wait will soon be over – Germany’s symphonic metal icons XANDRIA are back with their eagerly-awaited album, ‘The Wonders Still Awaiting’, out this Friday, February 3, 2023, via Napalm Records.

After a break of six years, their first single, “Reborn”, instantly gained over a million YouTube views, while further releases such as the album title track “The Wonders Still Awaiting“ or the beautiful single “Ghosts“ also strongly impacted with fans.

Right from the start, the album opener Two Worlds takes you on a journey through epic, fantastical soundscapes, as well as imposing arrangements.

Lyrically, the band expresses their personal feelings towards the future of humanity, wondering if humanity is on its way towards a dystopian world (especially with the constant environmental destruction) or if it is moving towards a fantastical utopian world. Ambre Vourvahis embraces her magnificent vocal diversity and uses its power to merge the contrasting worlds together in the new breathtaking music video.

XANDRIA about the new single “Two Worlds”: 

“We have – perhaps still – the choice between two worlds. A dystopian one if we continue on this way into reversing the progress of civilization and destroying the environment which we are living in. Or a utopian one where we can see the wonders that might be waiting for mankind’s future. But the bridge between those worlds gets frailer with every second.

“Musically, this epic and the bombastic 7-minute song takes you on a journey through the polarity of the two worlds, showing you the surprises, treasures, and diversity the new album ‘The Wonders Still Awaiting’ will have in store. This song is almost a little movie on its own with the combination of metal mixed with huge film score orchestration, a 40-piece choir of the Bulgarian National Radio Children´s Choir.”

The impressive vocal wealth of Ambre Vourvahis – ranging from rock grit, operatic highs, and even death metal growls – opens the unit’s sound to a wider palette of colors. Songs like the opening epic “Two Worlds”, “The Wonders Still Awaiting” and “Ghosts” manifest the thematic mood of the album while constructing incredible soundscapes of pure symphonic metal. 

XANDRIA addresses issues of social inequality and the quest for a just world. “Paradise” showcases some of the album’s strongest hooks, captivating with great metallic pop melodies. The veil of various influences is lifted once more in “Illusion Is Their Name”, dashing all deception with heavy power metal vibes. Tracks like “Your Stories I’ll Remember” and “Scars” show the intimate side of XANDRIA on one hand, while combining rhythmic heaviness on the other. The latter is reminiscent of a James Bond theme, dressed in a heavy musical soundscape.

The epic nine-minute album closer Astéria, featuring Greek lyrics written by Ambre Vourvahis, lands as the album’s exclamation point, proving with a grand finish that the five-piece has fearlessly started a revolution in the symphonic metal genre – commencing an impressive new era of XANDRIA with ‘The Wonders Still Awaiting’.
‘The Wonders Still Awaiting’ Track List:
1. Two Worlds
2. Reborn
3. You Will Never Be Our God
4. The Wonders Still Awaiting
5. Ghosts
6. Your Stories I’ll Remember
7. My Curse Is My Redemption
8. Illusion Is Their Name
9. Paradise
10. Mirror Of Time
11. Scars
12. The Maiden And The Child
13. Astèria

‘The Wonders Still Awaiting’ will be available in the following formats:
=> Deluxe Box (incl. 2CD Mediabook, Heat-Change XANDRIA Mug, Flower Ball Box (2 pcs.) incl. 1€ donation to “Eden Reforestation Projects”, Album Cover Patch (⌀10cm), excl. Golden “Meet & Greet” Ticket (strictly ltd. to 10 pcs.), excl. Autograph Card, packed in a high-quality wooden box)

=> 1CD Jewelcase
=> 2CD Mediabook
=> Digital Album