Worshipper Releases New Single “Lonesome Boredom Overdrive” On Bandcamp

All Sales Today Benefits Bands, Artists and Organizations in Support of Racial Justice and Change
Tee Pee Records artists Worshipper have released a new single today June 5th on Bandcamp. The new track is called “Lonesome Boredom Overdrive” and you can stream and download it HERE. The song will be available on all other DSP’s this coming Monday June 8th.
The band decided to release “Lonesome Boredom Overdrive” today because Bandcamp is waiving their share of sales to support artists impacted by Covid-19, including those donating their share to organizations in support of racial justice and change.
Vocalist/Guitarist John Brookhouse comments on the song,
“Here’s a song that we recorded and mixed for our last record Light in the Wire, but couldn’t quite fit on there for one reason or another. (Run time, mostly.) At a time when many of us are stuck at home, not able to do the things we usually do to entertain ourselves, this song has taken on new meaning. Initially, I came up with the lyrics when I was feeling particularly drained by the daily grind, but now, it seems pretty apropos to put this song out, considering the title and the current dynamic. 
This song began with a riff that Al came up with and it may actually be one of our heaviest songs. When we play it live, my head feels like it’s going to collapse, so that’s probably a good sign that a song is fairly heavy. It also has a decidedly Alice in Chains vibe to it, which, let’s be honest for a few of us in the band, was a pretty seminal influence, but was more of a happy accident than anything. So, enjoy! I hope this helps tame your boredom for a moment or two.”
More On Worshipper
Creeping up from the North, Boston’s Worshipper is a dark new voice in heavy music. Drawing comparisons to such luminaries as Dio-era Black Sabbath, UFO, and classic-era Scorpions, Worshipper create something new and epic from the echoes of the past. Through their unique mix of contemporary and classic influences, WORSHIPPER prove that the soul of melodic heavy music still burns brightly.
John Brookhouse – Vocals & guitars
Dave Jarvis – Drums
Bob Maloney – Bass & vocals
Alejandro Necochea – Guitars
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