WOLFTOOTH to Reissue First Two Albums, “Wolftooth” and “Valhalla” on Limited Edition Vinyl

Richmond, Indiana-based defenders of the heavy metal riff, WOLFTOOTH, released their colossal new Napalm Records debut, Blood & Iron, to great acclaim this past December. Now, fans can grab the rest of the band’s stellar discography on limited edition vinyl! Napalm Records is set to reissue the band’s two first albums, 2018’s Wolftooth and 2020’s Valhalla, releasing May 20, 2022. Pre-orders begin today!  
Each one of WOLFTOOTH’s full-length offerings features proto-metal influenced heaviness with a deep dose of doom essence and addictive stoner riffage, exploring mystical and often treacherous themes of mythology, lore, and legend with a focus on sorcery, battle and non-stop adventure.  

WOLFTOOTH says about the reissues:        

WOLFTOOTH is extremely excited to be re-releasing our coveted debut self-titled album and our sophomore album Valhalla through Napalm Records. We can’t wait for all of our new and previous fans to have the chance to own both albums on vinyl. We hope that these two re-releases help catapult the band to the next level and cement our name in metal.”

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About Wolftooth (self-titled):
Witness the very beginning of the epic riff-fest that is Indiana’s WOLFTOOTH with their self-titled breakout debut! If you missed your chance to own this subterranean stunner on vinyl upon its original release in 2018, now is your chance to own it on wax! The band’s massive mix of proto-metal, NWOBHM, and stoner rock styles have made them a notable force in the underground scene, leading to their subsequent discovery and launch into the major metal market. Don’t miss the album The Sludgelord called “a riffing stoner metal delight” and Sea of Tranquility dubbed “a stunning heavy metal/rock album that is purely addictive”.   

Wolftooth track listing:       
1. Blackbirds Call         
2. Aegaeon 
3. Sword of my Father  
4. White Mountain        
5. Frost Lord                
6. The Huntress  
7. Season of the Witch 
8. Forged in Fire 

About Valhalla:
Prepare for a serious dose of righteous riffs, epic tales of warriors, and an ascent into Asgard with WOLFTOOTH’s second album, Valhalla – an onslaught of an album that will have you bruised and battered on the battlefield, yet craving another round. On their sophomore album, WOLFTOOTH has truly upped the ante, expanded on their trademark formula, and added more layers of sound and variation to their songwriting and overall musical execution. The production has improved markedly and the tracks ooze the attention to detail during the recording process. Valhalla is everything you’ve come to expect from WOLFTOOTH – and then some!      
Valhalla track listing: 
1. Intro “The Lamentation of Frigg”  
2. The Possession       
3. Firebreather    
4. Valhalla  
5. Fear for Eternity       
6. Scylla & Charybdis   
7. Molon Labe     
8. Crying of the Wolves         
9. The Coven      
10. Juneau 


WOLFTOOTH turned heads in 2017 with the release of their debut EP, followed by their 2018 self-titled album, Wolftooth – scoring rave reviews and a “best albums of the year” chart nod via DoomCharts.com. Immediately hitting the road in support of the album, WOLFTOOTH harvested countless new fans, building a reputation as a hard-hitting live act by supporting metal icons like Iced Earth, Sanctuary, Black Label Society, The Atomic Bitchwax, EYEHATEGOD, and The Obsessed. In 2019, the band returned to the studio to record their sophomore release, Valhalla

WOLFTOOTH expanded on their already potent sound with cleaner production, hooky choruses, and colossal riffs, all while harking back to the golden age of heavy metal. The record hit the underground in mid-2020, debuting on DoomCharts.com at #1. In 2021, upon signing with premier rock and metal label Napalm Records, the band released Blood & Iron – a true nod to classic, feel-good American heavy metal with a modernized flair that garnered acclaim from the likes of Revolver and Metal Hammer, with New Noise Magazine describing it as, “gleeful escapism”. If you enjoy your metal homegrown, larger-than-life and with a weighty dose of mystical storytelling, WOLFTOOTH’s Blood & Iron is your next favorite!       

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Witness 2021’s Blood & Iron HERE:
Jeff Cole – Guitars
Johnny Harrod – Vocals, Drums 
Terry McDaniel – Bass
Chris Sullivan – Vocals, Guitars