Wicked Garden Frontman, Dominick Muzio Releases Debut Solo Single

Dominick Muzio, frontman of Las Vegas’ most popular alternative rockers, Wicked Garden, has momentarily struck out on his own to record his first solo mini-album, Candy at a Funeral. Setting up that solo outing is today’s release of first single, “Special Thing,” a high caliber alt pop number written when Dominick was just 18 years old.  “It was initially an acoustic song,” Muzio muses, “but when Jason and I played around with the arrangement, we came a across a Cure-type vibe and went with it. I made some lyrical changes, which made the subject matter much darker than originally written. It started as a song about infatuation with someone who’s unattainable, but after the changes, it morphed into a song of possession and control.”

Special Thing” – along with the rest of the mini-album – was produced by Jason Constantine at Constantine Studios in Las Vegas and is available on the ToneHouse label, which Jason co-owns with Armored Saint guitarist, Jeff Duncan. “I decided to go in and record some demos that really didn’t fit the Wicked Garden mold,” Muzio says. “There are a few songs here I’ve kicked around for years along with some I wrote quite recently that I felt I just needed to record to get them out of my head. When we were finished recording, Jason and Jeff asked if I’d be interested in releasing the songs through ToneHouse.  We discussed it and it was a no-brainer.”

Candy at a Funeral is set for release in August and will feature five songs in total.  “Special Thing” hits digital platforms today and can be purchased on iTunes  and streamed on Spotify.