WHO ON EARTH Releases New Video for “Set Me Free”

New Jersey hard rockers WHO ON EARTH have dropped a new music video for the song “Set Me Free” off their debut album, ‘Blame’. The new video sees the quintet indulge in their comical, fun-loving side, partnering with local production company 624 Productions for a sitcom-inspired romp featuring actors Bill Sorvino & Janet Greer. To promote the release, the band is proud to announce that the video will be shown at the 12th annual Golden Door International Film Festival in Jersey City on Saturday, June 24th. Check out more details on the film festival HERE

Commenting on his work with the band for their new video, 624 Productions owner and director Tom Baldinger shares:

“’SET ME FREE’ is 624 Productions’ third music video that I’ve directed and the team produced. We had a lot of fun shooting this with the band. These guys were very open to our ideas on making this video. It’s always a great experience shooting music videos and especially for me; I grew up watching Van Halen, Poison, and Metallica videos on MTV, so I tried to tap into that world a little bit by adding a little story around the song. We can’t wait to make another video with WHO ON EARTH!!!”

Adding on their experience working with 624 to make the new video, Who On Earth comments“This video was a blast to make. We wanted to create a sitcom setting as the stage for a good ol’ fashioned domestic conflict – with the band standing by as spectators/extras!”

They go on to add”This song is all about the highs and lows of being in a relationship; from duking it out one minute to holding on to one another for dear life the next! Ain’t love grand!?”

‘Blame’ Track List:

1) The Price

2) Black Swan

3) H8-Triarch

4) Down & Out

5) Unbeaten

6) We Don’t Belong

7) Set Me Free

8) Monster in a Jar

9) On the Brink

10) Watch the Fires Burn


Coosh – vocals

Pete Rizzi – bass

Joe D’Aqui – drums

Bruce Gatewood – guitar

Johnny James Barone – guitar

Mike Orlando – studio guitarist on ‘Blame’