WHO ON EARTH Release Music Video for “The Price” – WATCH HERE

Debut Album ‘Blame’ Out Now!

WHO ON EARTH continue to live by their “Rock’s Not Dead” creed, and are back with a new music video for “The Price”! The latest single from the New Jersey rockers (off their debut album, ‘Blame’) is a hard-driving song, replete with its tasty intro and foot-stomping verses, ultimately setting the table for the powerful chorus delivered by the booming vocals of lead singer Coosh. The track breaks into a musical interlude of thundering war drums, flare-launching guitar shrills, and a solo that narrates the pain of paying the price for “sins of the past.”

Stream “The Price” Here: https://found.ee/theprice

Bassist Pete Rizzi explains, “The Price is a reminder that our actions have consequences, and the past has a way of catching up with us. You can run but you can’t hide.  We can sit idly by or put things off, but eventually, we have to face the music – whether that’s individually or as a society. Who will step up and do something before it’s too late?”

Coosh adds, “This is a no-holds-bar song that immediately grabs you by the shirt and screams in your face ‘YOU’VE GOT TO LISTEN TO ME!’ Haha. You can whistle past the graveyard for only so long before reality introduces itself, the consequences of our actions, or inaction…the bill comes due!”

WHO ON EARTH – “The Price” (Official Video)

Listen To ‘BLAME’ Here!

‘Blame’ Track List

1) The Price

2) Black Swan

3) H8-Triarch

4) Down & Out

5) Unbeaten

6) We Don’t Belong

7) Set Me Free

8) Monster in a Jar

9) On the Brink

10) Watch the Fires Burn


Coosh – vocals

Pete Rizzi – bass

Joe D’ Aqui – drums

Bruce Gatewood- guitar

Mike Orlando – studio guitarist (on “The Price”)

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