Whitesnake: Flesh & Blood (Album Review)

The Snake is back with their raw and bluesy brand of hard rock.  This makes the 12th release from frontman David Coverdale dating back to his first release, Trouble in 1978.  If there were a rock n roll rollercoaster, I firmly believe it would be named Whitesnake.  This from the high energy to the slow and melodic then back to high energy. Much like a rollercoaster taking that initial climb and the anticipation the riders feel as they are then thrust downward with many twists and turns.

Whitesnake – Flesh & Blood

David Coverdale comes back just as strong as ever. Continuing on with this powerhouse is longtime drummer Tommy Aldridge and guitarist Reb Beach. Michael Devin on Bass joined in 2010, Keyboarist and backing vocals by Brian Ruedy in 2011. Rounding out the lineup, Joel Hoekstra on guitar joined in 2014.

Whitesnake – 2019

The production is polished, but raw and dirty at the same time.  The first single “Shut Up & Kiss Me” will have you nodding your head in sync with the beat throughout the entire song.  Check out the video which is already at over 1.3 million views and thousands of positive comments.

Whitesnake – Shut Up & Kiss Me (2019)

If you’re a fan of Mr. Coverdale’s music you are familiar with the themes, ‘I’m tongue tied & twisted, whenever you’re alone with me.’  Title track “Flesh & Blood” goes, ‘You’re flesh and blood, skin and bone. Make a grown man weep make a young man moan.’

I would say this album pays homage to the earliest of albums including Slide It In with the heavy blues feel and influence.  With that, it also has the polish of the self-titled 1987 release, the best of both worlds in my opinion.  Whitesnake is on the list of bands I fell in love with, but never got to see live. That is going to change very soon.  Buy or stream this album now!