Welcome to Brutal Planet Magazine.

Eric in 1984Dustin in 1984
Eric in 2018Dustin in 2018

As 2019 arrives Brutal Planet Magazine would like to welcome you!  The concept for the magazine started in two cousins Dustin Peterson and Eric Peterson who shared the same passion for music growing up.  That connection and passion carried them into their adult lives. You will see that passion play out everyday as different genres of heavy music take stage.  We will introduce you to things you may not like.  We will defiantly introduce you to things that will open your mind to all types of heavy music.  We have assembled some amazing writers and look forward to taking you down a road that will leave you not only wanting more but getting more.  We may disagree on many things in life but one thing we can all agree on is that music takes to that place where we all can smile and escape for a while.  

Eric with Thobbe Englund and Hannas Van Dahl in 2018

So come escape and welcome to Brutal Planet Magazine!!!