Wednesday 13: Necrophaze

In the world of Wednesday 13, there is no safe place, no safe word just tears and suffering

The smell rotting of flesh permeates the air along with the reek of stale wet soil.  The only sound detected by the eardrum is the leaves as they tussle through a slight mildewed breeze.   Then, out of nowhere another auditory sensation deadens the sound of the leaves. Unable to pinpoint the sound the eyes begin experiencing a carnal thrill that just seconds ago eluded them. The sight and sounds of worms entering and exiting decomposing flesh as if it was the subway on a Friday afternoon.  Now it is unavoidable to escape the Necrophaze.   
As the Necrophaze becomes reality, it sinks in, this is not a nightmare but in fact the brainchild of “The Duke of Spook” or as he is also known Wednesday 13.  The Necrophaze will manifest itself to the world on September 26. 2019.   

Once inside the Necrophaze, the true scope of its power is unleashed. The title track includes a short foreword with none other than the “Godfather of Shock Rock” Alice Cooper. Its preface is accompanied by a melody that is eerily reminiscent of a John Carpenter’s movie scores, giving it spine-chilling but humor-based lifeblood.  The theme continues into the second track “Bring your own Blood.”   This campy track is infused with sinister laughs that give a bit of relief.  Just as comfort is setting in and a laugh or two can be heard, the lights go out. It gets dark, pitch dark as the confrontation with “Zodiac” begins.  Transported into the mind of the Zodiac killer, insanity is inevitable and utterly horrifying.  

Then as the pain becomes real, the “Monster” is unleashed with the help of Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil.  This tag-team of terror redefines what was once called a “Duet.”   “Be Warned” is a sound, somber, and goddamn terrifying warning to anyone who may find evil amusing. Things then transition into the first single from Necrophaze, “Decompose.” The track starts with an alarming introduction that crescendos into the mouth of madness. It is the soundtrack for retribution to those transgressed upon us during their living years.  With lyrics like: 

“There’s no tomorrow
Just pain and suffering for eternity
And I hope you suffer
You will never ever rest in peace
Just lie in your casket
Soon the worms
They slowly start to feast
And now your lying there decaying
Forever, unforgiving
I loved it when you stopped living
Rot away in your grave six feet below
I swear to curse your grave as you

The guitar riffs slice this evil hymn to ensure to the masses that metal and horror belong side by side. The festering sound of keyboards creep through as Wednesday’s voice curses you as you decompose. 

Before the decay begins, a final tour of all that is still living commences in “The Hearse.” The piston’s thumping like marching drums directs the “The Hearse” as it carries the dead to the grieving.

If this is all too much to handle there is always the beats and rhymes of  “Tie Me a Noose.” A classic song very much in the vein of Wednesday 13.  

The timeless classic horror track on Necrophaze is “Life will kill us all.”  This is the song that encapsulates the cycle from cell to rotting corpse.  

“We can’t live forever
But we can try until we fall
Life will kill us all”

At the end of the day everyone needs a laugh after such a serious dialogue. That comedic interlude is provided by  “Bury the Hatchet (In Your Head).”  

As the “Nechrophaze Main Theme (End-Credits)” roll one can only feel like they survived Necrophase.  Floating in a Canoe in Camp Crystal Lake.  Safety at last, then out of nowhere the familiar guitar riff of W.A.S.P. “Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)” begins.  In the world of Wednesday 13, there is no safe place, no safe word just tears and suffering. As Pinhead once said in Hellraiser, “No tears, please. It’s a waste of good suffering.”

I have just given you a guided tour through Necrophaze.  Count this as your lifeline. On September 26, 2019, you will be on your own.  You will have to make your own journey but remember as so once stated in The Evil Dead, “We’re going to get you. We’re going to get you. Not another peep. Time to go to sleep.”