Wednesday 13 December 10, 2019 @ The Royal in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Something Wicked This Way Comes is the best way to describe what happened at The Royal in Salt Lake City on December 10, 2019.  It would definitely not be a Silent Night Deadly Night because Christmas Evil arrived early.  The Hitcher and his gang of Gremlins A.K.A. Wednesday 13 terrorized the town as part of the Necrophaze tour.  The unsuspecting masses lined up outside like cattle on their way to the Slaughterhouse, while inside a Trick or Treat was being prepared by The Boogeyman himself.  The doors opened into The Little Shop of Horrors, and the Innocent Prey presented a special Invitation to Hell as they walked through the door.   

The opening bands Society 1 and Davey Suicide blazed through their sets like they were part of a Killing Spree. Soon it would be time for Hell Night to begin.  The lights dropped to Near Dark, and the Edge of Sanity was about to be breached.  The Night Breed made their way on stage and finally “Necrophaze” had begun.  The introduction was offered by The Prince of Darkness himself, Alice Cooper.  The lights rose like The Dawn of the Dead and the band was adorned in paint that made them look like Neon Maniacs.  Wednesday sang “Necrophaze” with intensity and like that The Beast Within was unleashed. “Nercophaze” transitioned into “Zodiac.” A song about a “Psycho Killer” who’s Reign of Terror assonated an entire generation with haunting Bad Dreams. The song’s introduction left no doubt the audience was headed straight In the Mouth of Madness.  A masked Slasher began swinging A Blade in the Dark to the beat of the song.  

Things began to slow down and “Serpent Society” was unleashed.  Wednesday slithered around on stage and it felt as though we were entering the Lair of the White Worm.  Calls to “Raise Your Horns” were given like Night Screams by The Monster Squad on stage.  Next was “Hail Ming.” The song sped the slaughter up and soon it became obvious this was not Child’s Play.  The Creepshow was about to turn into Hell Night.  The intro to “Astro Psycho” began and the Terror Train to hell kicked into Maximum Overdrive.  The fast beats of the song penetrated the ears of the audience and anyone that was faint of heart might as well have been Dead and Buried.

The anthem of The Return of the Living Dead was up next.  “Get Your Grave On” brought Terror in the Aisles along with Twisted Illusions.  “Prey For Me” brought out two sides of Wednesday.  It was hard to tell which was worse.  Was it The Unholy side or the Deranged side that would reveal The Curse of The Evil Dead?  There was no time to decide because the audience was starting to hear the sounds of what it is like to “Decompose.” Rest in Peace would not be an option as the Necromancer dangled a worm as he slithered around the stage as if it was a Shallow Grave.  The Dead End Drive-in known as “Decompose” would come to an end. All of a sudden it looked like Wednesday was being Skinned Alive. His flesh was melting from his body as he entered Altered States.

What would come next is what would define the whole evening.  A Nightmare on Elm Street or any street for that matter.  “What the Night Brings” is the song that Bad Dreams are made of and hearing it live is like being trapped in The Jaws of Satan.  Eerie guitar screams blanket the song causing Panic Beats and Strang Behavior. 

In time “Blood Sick” would take over causing the Dogs of Hell to become Unhinged.  As a last resort, the audience started “Watching the Skies” for a sign to save them.  Fortunately, for them time had run out for Wednesday 13.  

 The set came to an end, The Believers were Scared Stiff but had survived the Twisted Nightmare.  It was A Night to Dismember.  The lesson was learned; Stay out of the Woods.  The Beast Within known as Wednesday 13 lurks in the woods.  You can Scream For Help but within time The Fog causes all light to Fade to Black and soon enough The Hearse will be waiting for you too.  

Author’s Note: This review was written using the titles of horror movies from the 80s. The titles of the movies appear in bold.