WEAPONS OF ANEW Premieres Video “Angel Has Fallen”

Entry Point to Trilogy of Songs and a New Visual Chapter

Watch here:

Weapons of Anew – Angel Has Fallen (Official Video) – YouTube

(Video produced by WEAPONS OF ANEW and Thomas Crane of killDevil Films)


WEAPONS OF ANEW release the first in a trilogy of songs that tie together to tell the story of one’s inner struggles and how they can consume and take you over. The trio of songs will be tied together into a short film that, according to guitarist Freddy Ordine, will be like “a horror film on steroids.”

“‘Angel Has Fallen’ is about a girl who had everything going for her and succumbed to the darker things in life. Dancing led to drugs, which led to other horrible things and ultimately she passed. No matter how hard anyone who cared about her tried to help it didn’t matter. She was too far down the line,” explains Freddy Ordine, who also produced the track with Mike Ferretti (Sevendust), and David Bendeth. 

photo credit: Scott Braun


This Tampa-based hard rock outfit, originally from New Jersey, released their debut, The Collision of Love and Hate, in 2017. Heavy touring followed, including opening for Scott Stapp, Alterbridge, Tesla and more. WEAPONS OF ANEW thrive in a live setting, connecting with their fans on and off the stage. 



WEAPONS OF ANEW released their cover of The Chainsmokers’ “Sick Boy” as a prelude to their second album, in September 2020. “Sick Boy” charted as a Top 20 Active Rock track.

After a brief hiatus for a move to Florida, the much anticipated second release, Art of War, will start seeing the light of day with “Angel Has Fallen” as the first song dropping on July 21, followed by a video on July 28.

WEAPONS OF ANEW will follow up “Angel Has Fallen” with their second single, “Demons,” and, following that, the trilogy concludes with “Take You Down.” The trio of songs

will be tied together into a short film.

WEAPONS OF ANEW is powered by Freddy Ordine, Reno, Dunté Mason, Nick Farahvashi and Julius Mendoza. 


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