Warbeast : B. C. A. D.

Old school Texas metal thrashers Warbeast have released their final offering, a live CD / DVD package titled B.C. A. D. through Metal Rising Records.

Final chance to own a piece of metal history!

The band which originally formed in 2006 and went under the moniker Texas Metal Alliance featured members from bands such as Rigor Mortis, Gammacide, Hammer Witch and Phil Anselmo related entities before formally changing the name to Warbeast.

The disc, a live recording captured in June 2009 at a Dallas venue was the band’s first performance under the new name of Warbeast. At this point early in the Warbeast career, the band had recorded their debut release titled Krush the Enemy on Housecore Records but the disc and vinyl had yet to be released.

The twelve song disc features the entire ten song debut played live and then two additional unreleased bonus studio tracks, “Monster” and “Nameless” both which come from the Destroy sessions, the band’s sophomore full length released in 2013.

Within the first several moments of the set opener “Born with a Blackened Heart” followed by “Scored Earth Policy” and “Self Will Run Riot” and eventually concluding with “(We are the) Vultures”, Warbeast plows through their set unleashing the level of fury and ferociousness the band became known for despite various lineup changes throughout the band’ decade long career.

Led by Bruce Corbitt’s aggressive vocal style, the classic heavy metal guitar duo of Scott Shelby and Rick Perry, ballsy bass sound from Alan Bovee and brutal double bass drumming from Joey Gonzalez, the band delivers a solid, tight and scorching set documenting an important era of the Warbeast machine.

A treat for those in attendance

It was a treat for those in attendance to witness the live debut of the Warbeast name and it’s a treat to hear and relive the blistering set from 2009 whether one was in attendance or not.

As for the DVD portion of B.C. A. D. which was recorded in October 2018 during Vulgarfest III at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth, Texas, the show was originally was supposed to document the triumphant return of Warbeast to the stage after a year’s absence but instead captured Corbitt’s final live performance before succumbing to Cancer in January 2019.

The absence of Warbeast from the stage was due to Corbitt’s ongoing medical treatments and condition due to his diagnosis of esophageal cancer but that was not apparent from his performance. Corbitt took to stage and commanded it like a true metal warrior and veteran. If there was any sign or hint of physical exhaustion resulting from his medical battle, it’s not evident in the video.

The footage recorded by Stagecast 360 Live Productions consists of a handful of anchored cameras located at various positions and two mobile camera men, capturing the unyielding performance which featured the Warbeast core of Corbitt, Shelby and Gonzalez along with guitarist Drew Shoup and bassist Lyric Ferchaud.

The live set sees the band pulling material from Krush the Enemy, Destroy, Enter the Arena and the War of the Gargantuas split with four of the ten songs of the set coming from Enter the Arena, the band’s third and final studio release.

What one may not anticipate was an added bonus during the set titled “Shelby Fire” which sees a shirtless Shelby entering from stage left, holding a guitar by the neck high in hand which has the lower portion of the body engulfed in flames. Shelby motions for a louder response from the crowd before spewing a flammable liquid from his mouth, creating a ball of fire that rises and dissipates into the air. The guitar continues to burn as Shelby smashes the wooden body into several pieces, separating the neck from the body before tossing it into the crowd. Several pieces continued to burn on stage only to be put out by several stagehands.

TheHD live DVD performance captures Corbitt in the midst of his final battle with the cancer demon but at the time, many didn’t anticipate that the show would be Corbitt’s final stage outing but unfortunately it was.

For those who may not have been familiar with the band and Corbitt’s battle, the professional production and presentation of the CD / DVD combo package represents an appropriate ending to the history of Warbeast with the DVD serving as the band’s swansong.

Even though the band attempted to have B. C. A. D. released before January, things take time no matter how much push or rush is exerted but that release date just couldn’t happen. One thing for sure though, Mr. Corbitt would be pleased with the final product not by giving a thumbs up, but displaying his signature Corbitt Claw.

To obtain a copy of B.C.A..D., please visit RTC Media and Music.