VIRGIN STEELE Release New Video Clips “Kingdom of the Fearless” (Live Video) & “Bonedust (Orchestral Video)

Heavy metal outfit VIRGIN STEELE are pleased to share more new content with their fans. The New York-based band led by vocalist David DeFeis is currently in the studio working on their new studio album (which is expected to see a 2020 release), but in the meantime the group has steadily put out new videos inspired by their past releases. This go around, they are revisiting “Kingdom of the Fearless” from ‘The House of Atreus, Act 1’ and “Bonedust” from ‘Visions of Eden’. Speaking on the former, De Fais shares,
“About a week ago we were asked to contribute a very short ‘Greeting/Shout Out’ to the KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL audience, which we did. Well immediately after completing that ‘Greeting’ in which I used part of the song ‘KINGDOM OF THE FEARLESS’, I thought ‘By the thunder of Zeus, I’m already halfway there! Why don’t I complete the whole song??’ So I carried on working and now we have the full-length video for ‘KINGDOM OF THE FEARLESS’ using rehearsal footage, live footage, and some still photos, I believe we have crafted something that both reflects the energy of the song, and invokes the mood of where this song came from…our album ‘THE HOUSE OF ATREUS – ACT 1’.” 
Never ones to rest our their laurels, VIRGIN STEELE is also releasing a video for the orchestral version of their song “Bonedust” from the album ‘Visions of Eden’. De Fais adds, 
“I wrote this song for the ‘VISIONS OF EDEN’ album, where it appears with the instrumentation of vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. The version presented in the video here is quite different. This is the live orchestral take that appeared on the ‘GHOST HARVEST VINTAGE 1 (Black Wine For Mourning)’ album. This song acts as a “bridge” between those three ‘VISIONS OF EDEN’ clips we just issued on video a week or so ago, and what will be forthcoming in the next week or two.”
“This version of ‘BONEDUST’ was actually recorded during those live sessions for the ‘GOTHIC VOODOO ANTHEMS’ album, but I chose to put it on ‘GHOST HARVEST’, as it seemed to fit nicely in between the tracks ‘PSYCHIC SLAUGHTER’ and ‘HEARTS ON FIRE’. Using vocals, piano, some angry cellos, keyboards and orchestral percussion, this is a very different take on the song. This version presents the more Bluesy Voodoo-esque side of the track as well as the Gothic, Barbaric-Romantic nature of what we do. We wanted to strip things down to their basic raw essence and present a different view. We carried that idea forward and continued working with these concepts for all the ‘GOTHIC VOODOO ANTHEMS’ album tracks.”