Vicious Rain Share New Video And Single “Blackout” — Watch

 Swiss act Vicious Rain — vocalist David Häusermann, guitarist and vocalist Mauro Gugerli, guitarist Tristan Meier, bassist Loris De Notaristefano, and drummer Michael Teufelberger — have released their second single “Blackout.”

Watch the video here. Stream the song here.

After their debut single “The Devil & Lovers” paving the way, Vicious Rain, who formed in 2022, continue their fruitful collaboration with acclaimed producer Manuel Renner. Renner’s expertise and meticulous attention to detail brought out the best in the band, resulting in a powerful and immersive recording.

“While ‘The Devil & Lovers’ was a bittersweet and melancholic journey, our new single ‘Blackout’ is a fierce and unapologetically angry anthem,” says Gugerli.
  “It’s a raw expression of frustration and disillusionment, capturing the intense emotions that come with witnessing stagnation and toxic behavior. With blistering instrumentals and impassioned vocals, ‘Blackout’ channels our collective discontent and serves as a powerful release for both us as a band and our listeners.”

Häusermann continues, “‘Blackout’ channels the raw frustration of witnessing someone you love remain stagnant, unable to change for the better. It’s a poignant reflection on the hurtful reality of holding onto memories of how things used to be, while recognizing that toxic patterns can poison their own mind. This song is an emotional outcry, urging listeners to find the strength to let go and prioritize their own well-being.” 

 See Vicious Rain live at this year’s Summer Breeze Open Air Festival 2023!