VENOM INC. – Announce “Better To Reign In Hell” Tour Part 2!

Extreme Metal pioneers VENOM INC are currently on the final dates of their ‘Better To Reign In Hell’ tour. Tonight, the band will perform at Metro Music Hall in Salt Lake City followed by a stop in Cheyanne, WY on July 8th before concluding in Denver on July 9th. This trek of the tour includes ACID WITCH, ENFORCED, and WORMWITCH.

Today, the band announces the second leg of the tour with SATAN, labelmates RINGWORM, and 72 LEGIONS. The ‘Better To Reign In Hell Part II’ tour will start on September 27 in New York and will make stops in Chicago, Atlanta, and Clifton before ending in Boston on October 15th. 

VENOM INC will be touring in support of their latest offering, There’s Only Black. Their sophomore album is a no-holds-barred assault on bigoted hypocrisy and conformism in today’s society, as well as a demonstration of musical superiority delivered by some of the genre’s true originators. Watch the video for ‘There’s Only Black‘ here: 

VENOM INC comments, “I’m so very pleased to tell you we are back… this time in the East!!! The West of the USA has been magnificent and incredible fans with the best, craziest shows ever and so now it’s time for the East to show them how it’s done!! See you all soon AVE!!!”

RINGWORM will take their sonic fury on tour this fall in support of their ninth full-length album, Seeing Through Fire, out August 18th from Nuclear Blast Records. Watch the video for the band’s absolutely devastating first single ‘No Solace, No Quarter, No Mercy‘, here:

Tickets for the second leg of the tour will go on sale Friday, July 7th at 10 AM Eastern at

Confirmed dates for VENOM INC‘s ‘Better To Reign In Hell Part II’ tour with SATAN, RINGWORM, and 72 LEGIONS are:
09.27. US        New York, NY – Meadows
09.28. US        Clevand, OH – No Class
09.29. US        Milwaukee, WI – X-Ray Arcade
09.30. US        Chicago, IL – Cobra
10.01. US        Iowa City, IA – Wildwood
10.03. US        St. Louis, MO – Red Flag
10.04. US        Covington, KY – Madison Live
10.05. US        Spartanburg, SC – Groundzero
10.06. US        Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
10.07. US        Tampa, FL – Brass Mug
10.10. US        Raleigh, NC – Pour House
10.11. US        Leesburg, VA – Tally Ho Theater
10.12. US        Wilmington, DE – The Queen
10.13. US        Clifton, NJ – Dingbatz
10.14. US        Portland, ME – Genos Rock Club
10.15. US        Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall

VENOM INC. – There’s Only BlackRelease Date: 23 September 202201    How Many Can Die    (03:21)02    Infinitum    (03:47)03    Come To Me    (03:46)04    There’s Only Black    (04:49)05    Tyrant    (05:25)06    Don’t Feed Me Your Lies    (05:51)07    Man As God    (03:23)08    Burn Liar Burn    (05:32)09    Nine    (03:34)10    Rampant    (04:06)11    The Dance (04:54)12    Inferno    (05:19)
As 2015 swept in, it brought with it a solid revival of traditional metal bands. A chance encounter and request brought an offer to Tony Dolan (Vocalist and Bassist) to reform the lineup of VENOM that had recorded the classic Prime Evil album and solid follow-up albums that kept the band very much alive during the onslaught of Grunge and Brit-pop that destroyed all but the most hardy in the early 1990’s metal had suffered at the hands of the new trend but VENOM (with this lineup) refused to alter or die and so continued the legacy that had begun when Jeff Dunn (aka Mantas – Guitar)  formed the original band in 1979 and brought the world extreme metal in the form of the Welcome To Hell and Black Metal albums.The albums penned mostly by Dunn, exposed the world to a new way of music taken to the extremes, and with a pinch of darkness and the controversial odor they raised their heads from the grave as if they had always been lying in wait and brought chaos to a neatly formed music industry.Topped off with the voice of Clive ‘Jesus Christ’ Archer and later by Cronos and The Demolition Man the band was and still is a force of nature. While others attempt to take credit for all things VENOM the truth is not a hidden mystery but rather written on tablets like the ten commandments, but unlike religion, you do not need faith to follow VENOM or their ideas and music but simply ears to hear. ‘Somewhere In Time, We Were Born ..’ they sing and it has become their mantra. Today’s scenes are full of examples taken from this classic band. Images and themes and even a whole genre taking its name from the seminal Black Metal album. The characters were and still are larger than life to fans but it is the music that carries the flame. The true inspiration for all is the dark heavy vibes tinged with a Black and Roll touch. VENOM INC. began again in 2015 by accident almost and the name was not a choice but given by fans, agents, promoters, etc. On reflection, it is just a matter and fact that this band is true and real and carries the true spirit which began in 1979 and will end their days being that spirit that was lost somewhere over the years. Perhaps it is inevitable for a band to change or grow away from its original intent but every single Legionnaire from the VENOM’s Legions knows..their own moment that made them a lifelong fan and so it is to this end that VENOM INC will continue to grow and perform the classics from the legacy with heart and soul and true meaning and will write with this same intent in mind so that new fans too may realize that a real band playing with all they have to give still exists and are still very important in this growing age of digital separation from reality.
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