VALENSOROW Release New Video for “The Bird and the Bear”

Bringing a fresh and irreverent voice to the world of folk metal, California’s VALENSOROW have released a new music video for their single “The Bird and The Bear”!

The new track comes off the band’s upcoming third full-length, ‘Shorestank’, which will see an April 7th release.

The quartet is known for telling epic tales of land and sea, monsters and men, the fight for survival, and the unending thirst for blood and ale! This time, however, Valensorow are introducing fans to their more wholesome side.

The new video brings the tale of “The Bird and The Bear” to life via a completely family friendly puppet show…I mean, it’s definitely not a chaotic and unhinged trip that you would expect from the 3am hour of Adult Swim. We promise.

Commenting on their new video, the band shares:

“The making of the puppet video for ‘The Bird and The Bear’ was a huge undertaking for us. We wanted to capture the humor and ridiculousness that lies within the story of the song in a unique way that was within our realm of possibility as independent artists. The answer to that was obviously puppets. We quickly realized that high quality puppets can be quite expensive, and we needed our bear puppet to look a certain kind of crazy. So our guitarist enrolled in the University of YouTube and designed and built the bear puppet (AKA Beary) from scratch. The bird puppet (Larry) was found where everyone finds their oddly specific human-crafted masterpieces…Etsy.”

‘Shorestank’ Track List:
1. Life in a Cliffside Dwelling
2. The Bird and The Bear
3. Shorestank
4. The Market of Korethi
5. Dr. Gorpletonka
6. Giant
7. Bangers and Smash
8. Meg ‘The Leg’
9. Another Big Monster
10. Into the Valley of Mist
Joey Menicucci – Vocals, Guitar
Conner Bruce – Drums, Vocals
Noah McLean – Bass
Joseph Scanlan – Vocals