Vajra Release Irkalla on Jan. 15 via Thunder Cult Records



Photo credit: Max R. Sequiera


Sept. 11, NEW YORK – Vajra, the darkly hypnotic New York-based band Loudwire said weave “haunting and hypnotic Eastern Indian themes with their melodic, progressive rock sounds,” release Irkalla, the first in a trilogy of releases slated for 2021, on Jan. 15 via Thunder Cult Records.

The group, which is fronted by Annamaria Pinna, have shared a video for “Maya” ( as a preview of the forthcoming album. “The video for Maya is the second chapter of a larger film inspired by the Sumerian classic hero myth, ‘Descent of Inanna,’” explains Pinna. Pinna, with bass player Dave Sussman, produced the clip, which features performance artist Erin Ellen Kelly (Serpentine Slacker Gallery/Indianapolis Museum of Art). The single was produced and mixed by Sahaj Ticotin and mastered by Latin GRAMMY-Award winner Camilo Silva.

Irkalla will be available digitally and physically on CD/vinyl. Physical pre-orders, which will be available soon, include an additional trio of tracks dubbed the Shadow Queen Ritual Music).


Irkalla album cover


Irkalla track list:

  1. Irkalla
  2. Maya
  3. Crown or Crucify
  4. Wavering
  5. Sever The Tie
  6. Wind

Vajra was formed by the esoteric femme fatale Annamaria Pinna during her self-imposed exile in India, where she wrote the band’s debut album Pleroma. The band has been championed by Loudwire, with the heavy music outlet featuring Vajra on their Loudwire Music Festival and Rolling Stone proclaiming them a “must see act.” AXS said, “Vajra is really something special and have managed come up with a completely new sound of metal. They bring mystical, moody and haunting melodies to the stage that are completely entrancing.” Vajra is Annamaria Pinna (vocals), Dave Sussman (bass), Mark Collom (guitar), Al Javier (guitar) and Jimmy DeMarco (drums/percussion). Blake Fleming (ex-Mars Volta) played drums on Irkalla.

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