UK Punk Band BROKEN JAW Announces Debut Album Purge Yourself Dropping September 23


Purge Yourself pre-order here: 

Release Date: September 23, 2022

Broken Jaw’s Nutzie Shelley declares “We wrote Purge Yourself back in 2019 and it’s more prevalent and relevant than it ever was back then. From start to finish, this album exudes adrenaline, energy, passion and tenacity, giving you, the listener, a reason to keep on listening and just a small taste of what’s to come. And if you think that’s exciting, then you need to come see us play it live!”

Broken Jaw, from the Gloucestershire, England area, are a mixture of punk energy and attitude, spliced with huge, metal mosh-inducing riffs. The band boasts two furious guitarists (John Virgo & Sam Aston), a booming bassist (Josh Hughes, who also adds pummeling backing vocals), a rabid machine of a drummer (Sean “Garth” Watkins) and a tenacious, ferocious and venomous frontman (Nutzie Shelley). They are an extremely energetic, aggressive and rowdy band, who will spark adrenaline and movement into any crowd, with their manic and crazy live show. The band signed with big hitters, The Oracle Management (owned and managed by Dez Fafara) in early 2020, to release their debut album Purge Yourself.

What press and people say about Broken Jaw:

“Broken Jaw has clearly spent the last few years honing their craft and it really shows on Purge Yourself. Fantastic live band too, do not sleep on these guys.” – Daniel Steer – Mike James Rock Show

“This goes hard, hard AF and I have to say, I love it” – Alyx Holcombe – Kerrang Radio, BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing

“It’s ‘eavy” – Pitchshifter

“Oh F*** yeah that’s great material! Love the vocals, great mix of old school punk influence and wicked growls” – Rabbit Junk

“Broken Jaw are doing their best to incite a party. They’re a little dirtier and punkier than their contemporaries, which serves them well and they win everyone over through sheer force of personality” – Metal Hammer – Bloodstock Festival

“One of the best heavy records I’ve heard in the last 9 to 10 years” – Dez Fafara – DevilDriver / Coal Chamber

“Blew me away, I couldn’t believe it. So much energy, so much showmanship. The crowd went crazy and so did I. I spilt my beer and everything!” – Dave – from down the pub

all photos by Ashley Harter – Arch Photography

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