Twin City Takeover ft. DISTURBED and BEARTOOTH 05-06-23 @ Xcel Energy Center in St Paul, MN

Saint Paul was lit last Saturday, as thousands of people flocked into the Xcel Energy Center to see the 93X Twin City Takeover. Initially, the concert featured four bands, but Falling In Reverse had to bow out because their singer, Ronnie Radke, caught laryngitis and could no longer perform. The first act to hit the stage was Dorothy. She put on a decent show, playing a couple of older songs like “Down to the Bottom” and “Flawless,” but most of her setlist featured songs from her latest release, “Gifts From the Holy Ghost.” The crowd absolutely loved hearing “Blacksheep” and “Hurricane,” and she closed her set with the album’s title track. 

Next up was Beartooth, who gave an energetic and electrifying performance. With the release of their latest album, “Below,” and a few new singles, the band brought their A-game to the stage and delivered an unforgettable experience to their fans. From the very beginning, Beartooth established a strong connection with the audience. The band members engaged in lively banter and interacted with the crowd, creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. Lead vocalist Caleb Shomo’s charismatic presence and powerful vocals were a standout feature of the show. His energy and passion were contagious, and the audience was drawn into his chaos.

Beartooth’s performance was a perfect blend of old and new material, with a balanced mix of crowd favorites and new tracks. The band played songs like “The Lines,” “In Between,” and “Hated,” which had the audience jumping and singing along. The new tracks like “Riptide” and “Sunshine” were equally well received and showed the band’s evolution and growth. The stage production was impressive, with a dynamic light show and impressive visual effects that enhanced the band’s performance. 

Throughout the concert, Beartooth’s musicianship was on full display. The band’s tight and precise playing, led by guitarist Zach Huston, was a testament to their dedication and hard work. The rhythm section, consisting of guitarist Will Deely, bassist Oshie Bichar, and drummer Connor Denis, kept the energy high and the crowd moving. When the band played the fan-favorite “The Past is Dead,” the entire crowd was singing along at the top of their lungs and it seemed like the entire floor was bouncing. They closed their set with…Beartooth’s performance left the audience wanting more, and the band left the stage with thunderous applause and cheers.

Disturbed is known for their intense and powerful music, and they did not disappoint in this regard. The band played a wide range of songs from their extensive discography, starting their set with “Hey You,” “Stupify,” and “Ten Thousand Fists.”

One of the concert’s highlights was lead singer David Draiman’s incredible vocals. He has a truly unique and powerful voice that he uses to great effect in their songs, and he brought that passion as he paced back and forth on the stage. Whether he was belting out the chorus of “The Vengeful One” or delivering a haunting rendition of “The Sound of Silence,” his vocals were truly a force to be reckoned with. This was the first time I’ve personally seen Disturbed perform the “Sound of Silence” live and it was one of the most powerful moments I’ve ever seen a band deliver. They created a more intimate experience that featured a grand piano, cello, violin, and timpani. It was incredible.

As I mentioned, Draiman’s vocals were stunning, but the other members of the band were equally impressive. Guitarist Dan Donegan shredded his way through every song with a precision and skill that was awe-inspiring to watch, while bassist John Moyer and drummer Mike Wengren provided the thunderous rhythm section that kept the crowd energized and on their feet throughout the show.

One thing that stood out about this concert was the sense of community among the fans. Despite the loud and heavy nature of the music, there was a real sense of camaraderie among the crowd, with people of all ages and backgrounds coming together to share their love of the band. David gave a speech that pointed out the unity we all have in the metal community. Before the band started playing “A Reason to Fight,” Draiman gave a vulnerable speech about his own suicidal thoughts only a few months ago and pleaded that if anyone is struggling with mental issues or tempted to take their own life, they should reach out for help immediately. Although the arena was packed to the max, you could have heard a pin drop. It was a very powerful moment. 

Throughout the night, the band seemed genuinely grateful and appreciative of their fans. They took the time between songs to interact with the crowd, thanking them for their support and even inviting a whole family from the audience to sit up on stage during their performance of “The Light.” All in all, the Disturbed concert was an incredible experience that I will never forget. The band’s powerful music, impressive vocals, and stunning community combined to create a truly unforgettable show that left me feeling energized and inspired. If you ever have the chance to see Disturbed live in concert, I highly recommend it – you won’t be disappointed!