TUNGSTEN Release New Video for “Northern Lights”


Swedish metallers Tungsten are back with their third studio album Bliss. It was released today, June 17, via Arising Empire. Get it here.

The band has also shared the “Northern Lights” video. Vocalist Mike Andersson says, “It all came naturally. Creating and recording this album truly put us in a feeling of bliss. Nick and Karl, who wrote the music, have really shown their skills and musical talents on Bliss with new musical ideas, but still based in the genre that we established in the band from the beginning.”

The band previously shared “March Along” and “Come This Way,” as well as the title track “Bliss” and “On the Sea.

“Bliss is undoubtedly the heaviest and darkest Tungsten album to date. The lyrics are darker but still focus on things the common man might relate to in one way or another. Bliss was recorded like previous albums at Harm Studios, in Trelleborg in Sweden. Nick Johansson once again took care of the mixing, mastering, and production duties.

Karl Johansson says, “We really hope that Bliss will reach an even broader fanbase than before. So much pain, sweat, and love have been put into this album. We are truly excited to introduce Bliss to the world.”Anders Johansson agrees, saying, “Yes, this album might be one of the hardest for me to record. Nick is close to a perfectionist at the production helm. So if I can find something that has been good about the pandemic, it might be the fact I could spend so many more hours in the drum studio just to practice and develop my technique.”

Andreas Marschall was once again hired to paint the front cover. The conceptual idea was a collaboration between the band and artist, and it conveys a darker feeling which suits the music perfectly. Volfram is back in a twilight world to ours on his neverending quest to aid the weak.

Tungsten are ready to enter the live scene in 2022 and is confirmed for Sabaton Open Air in August.

Tungsten was formed in 2016 when drummer Anders Johansson (Hammerfall, Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Manowar) asked his sons Nick Johansson (guitars) and Karl Johansson (bass and screams) if they were interested in starting a brand new band with him. Tungsten describes their music as “melodic, industrial power metal with hints of Northern Folk music.” Tungsten’s first album We Will Rise was released in September 2019 and the song “The Fairies Dance” is closing in on 3 million streams on Spotify alone. In November 2020, Tungsten released their second album Tundra. The song “King of Shadows” has become a live anthem for the band. 

Mike Andersson | Vocals
Karl Johansson | Bass + Screams
Nick Johansson | Guitar
Anders Johansson | Drums