SOJOURNER – Sign With Napalm Records!

SOJOURNER – Sign With Napalm Records!

Welcome to the Napalm family!
SOJOURNER is a folk-influenced atmospheric metal band with members from New Zealand, Sweden, and Italy. Their sound combines epic, ethereal elements with the aggression of black metal, evoking the sweeping, melancholic atmospheres of nature.
Formed in 2015, their first album “Empires of Ash” was well received in the underground metal scene for its driving guitars, blackened rasps and ethereal female vocals. In 2018 the band released their second album, “The Shadowed Road”, building on their epic, fantasy atmosphere, and made their debut live performance to fans from across the world in Glasgow. SOJOURNER have since played at festivals in the UK, Germany, and Italy, and will be embarking on their first European tour in January 2019 with Draconian and Harakiri for the Sky. Continuing the progression of their diverse sound, the band will be releasing their third album in late 2019 on Napalm Records.
The band states:
“We’re incredibly proud to be working with Napalm records, a label that we’ve all listened to and respected for years! We’d like to thank Sebastian for reaching out to us, and all of our supporters both old and new. We’re hard at work on the follow up to ‘The Shadowed Road’ and we can’t wait to share it with you all through this new partnership!”
SOJOURNER on tour with Draconian and Harakiri For The Sky:
Mike Lamb – Guitars, Keyboards, Piano
Chloe Bray – Tin whistle, Vocals , Guitars
Emilio Crespo – Vocals
Mike Wilson – Bass
Riccardo Floridia – Drums
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