TROLLFEST Releases New Music Video for “Piña Colada”

Flamingo Overlord out May 27, 2022 via Napalm Records
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An official statement from the Department of the Flamingos:
At the time of TROLLFEST’s last official transmission, we alerted you of their eccentric flamboyance and grooviness. This new alert is being dispatched to signal the arrival of a third, straight-up pop single from TROLLFEST, no longer high-classified and officially out to entertain with good, positive vibes!  TROLLFEST’s new single, “Piña Colada”, is the latest offering cut from the most colorful, outlandish, and adventurous album of 2022, Flamingo Overlordto be released via Napalm Records on May 27, 2022. The track is a much-needed, energetic anthem with metallic reggae flavor, and takes the stance that sometimes you just want that fruity drink, and no other libation will do! The video perfectly captures the mood of knowing that your best friend is on a tropical island and you are stuck at your same old bar in the middle of winter, covering all genres of entertainment from happy humor to horror.

Singer Jostein “Trollmannen” Austvik about the “Piña Colada” music video:“Friends are important, that is why we have made a video to remind everyone how horribly wrong things can go when you are alone. Also, don’t be a picky fuzzmaker and pester your bartender!”
Eirik “TrollBANK“ Renton (bouzouki, vocals & DJ) adds:“Ever been to a bar and the bartender refuses to give you what you ordered? Yups, we too – that what’s this video is all about, and some other things also.”

“Piña Colada” proves once again that TROLLFEST has it all and more! Catchy, groovy and threatening to have you seeing Flamingos wherever you walk in life, TROLLFEST’s Flamingo Secret Agents will soon be everywhere. 
In addition to their beloved trademarks, on Flamingo Overlord, TROLLFEST don’t shy away from adding new elements to their already expansive soundscape. 

Flamingo Overlord begins with the insanely catchy “Dance Like A Pink Flamingo” – the unforgettable track made world-famous with the band’s zany performance at Eurovisionqualifier Melodi Grand Prix earlier this year – clearing the way for the bar anthem “All Drinks On Me”, which keeps the energy and drinks flowing before venturing into “Twenty Miles an Hour”. The track continues the party with a groovy funk flavoured sound, featuring a rap and saxophone solo that will leave listeners going bonkers! “Flamingo Libre” will soon whisk you away and have you dreaming of tropical drinks and magical nights, while “Pina Colada” stands as a much-needed summer anthem best suited for blasting while convertible cruising. Flamingo Overlord closes with the mysterious “Bob Venke”, telling the unlikely story of the mighty Flamingo Overlord’s quest for world domination.

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Flamingo Overlord will be available in the following formats in various territories:
-1-LP Gatefold PINK
-1-LP Gatefold MARBLED PINK/WHITE (limited to 300)
-1-CD Digipak
-1-CD Digipak + Shirt Bundle-Digital Album
Flamingo Overlord tracklisting:
1. Dance Like a Pink Flamingo
2. All Drinks on Me
3. Flamongous
4. Twenty Miles an Hour
5. The Flamingorilla
6. Flamingo Libre
7. Piña Colada
8. Rule the Country
9. The Way You Earn Your Drinks
10. Overlords Have Feelings
11. Bob Venke

John Espen Sagstad (Mr.Seidel) – guitar
Fabian Jiru (Grimdrap Glutenfri Fleskeng) – guitar
Jostein Austvik (Trollmannen) – vocals
Eirik Renton (TrollBANK) – bouzouki, vocals & DJ
Kai Renton (Fjernkontrollet) – synth, accordion
Dag Stiberg (DrekkaDag) – saxophone
Øyvind Erik Strønen Johannesen (Lodd Bolt) – bass, vocals
Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow (Kjellkje) – drums, vocals