TOXPACK – To Release New Album Kämpfer On May 31st via Napalm Records! Album Release Show Set For Berlin On June 1st!

German Streetcore Legends TOXPACK from Berlin return with their ninth full length album, Kämpfer, on May 31st! After entering the Top 20 of the German Charts with their last two releases (Schall & Rausch #20 and Friss! #16), TOXPACK continues their journey to the top with the impressive, honest and strong new album “Kämpfer.”
TOXPACK on the new album:
“On May 31st 2019 our ninth studio album “Kämpfer” will be released via Napalm Records! With 16 songs + Bonus Track at about 54 minutes play time it is the longest album in our 18 year history. We are proud that “Kämpfer” is produced by Florian Nowak and Marc Wüstenhagen (Dailyhero Recordings) again, who also recorded our last full length Schall & Rausch.
Our main focus is once again on catchy harmonies and melodies, which will stick in your head. The songs are about freedom, courage, daily fights, hope, love, anger, sorrow, desire and our strong friendship. We are sure that you will regain yourself in our lyrics!
“Kämpfer” is an album for everyone that is living in daily fights. For everyone that stays strong and never bends down, never surrenders and always keeps on fighting for their dreams and to reach their goals in life!”
Today, TOXPACK unveils the new album cover:
When TOXPACK releases a new album, it has to be celebrated with their fans! Which venue could fit better for this occasion than the legendary SO36 in their hometown Berlin?
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Schulle – Vocals,
Tommi – Leadguitar,
Erik – Guitar,
Stephan – Bass Guitar,
Zoppel – Drums
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