Thobbe Englund Releases Two New Singles

Shredder Thobbe Englund formerly of Sabaton and current member of Civil War has just released two new singles, a cover of a Nik Kershaw (performed by Chesney Hawkes). The song was a hit in Sweden called “The One and Only.” He also released a cover of Style’s “Run For Your Life.”

Brutal Planet Magazine asked Thobbe a little bit about the single and the inspiration to cover it and here is what he said:
“I was sitting in my kitchen one day and the song came on the radio. Baaaam, I’ve gotta do it now was the first thought. I went out in my studio and started to work on it. When the song was done (you know how family life is with a little kid and house and repairs and family and cats and dogs and neighbours and work and cars and what not) after a few weeks (!!), which normally would’ve taken a few days, I started to figure out another cover for a two song release. I fell on the old Swedish band Style and their song “Run For Your Life.” The same thing here, I always wanted to do a cover on that one. I bet you’ve never heard that one? I always thought of that pop song more like a metal song, and I think I did it justice, however I kept some of the 80s feeling by using loops and keys and stuff. The result is pretty cool I think.”

“The One and Only” can be seen here and “Run For Your Life.” will be released later today: