Thobbe Englund Joins Civil War

Thobbe Englund (Sabaton, Raubtier) is officially now a member of Civil War. Thobbe left Sabaton to pursue his solo work and concentrate on fatherhood. As Thobbe’s Journey through life continues he now moves forward as the guitarist in Civil War.

In a Facebook post today Civil War said:
“We can now share the news that Thobbe Englund (ex member of Sabaton, Raubtier…) is now part of Civil War.
Since February, Rikard has not been a member of the band and we are now proud to present how Civil War will go on into the future!
Thobbe brings a lot of energy and he is a great guitar player, and since Rikard was never a part of our songwriting team, we are confident that you will appreciate this exciting change in Civil War.
We look forward to finalizing the upcoming album with Thobbe and soon we will have more great news to share with you!❤️

Brutal Planet Magazine looks forward to reporting as Civil War moves forward.