The Snake Charmer Releases Official Music Video for “Aasman Se“

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The Snake Charmer has released the official music video for her second original single, “Aasman Se.“ Her first composition incorporating both vocals and bagpipes, “Aasman Se,” meaning “From the Sky,” is a celebration of diversity and inclusiveness.


“The song is for people who feel they don’t fit in, don’t belong . The music is very upbeat and lively and the lyrics speak to people who feel this way and let’s give them hope and strength by letting them know that, its okay to be different that somehow even through our differences we still blend in different ways and that we all should embrace our different shades.

The song is mainly a Bagpipe lead song with celtic influences along with Indian percussions giving it that mixed culture spin. The vocals are in both hindi and English sung by me.” – Archy Jay

Download / Stream “Aasman Se“:


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ArchyJay a.k.a The Snake Charmer is apopular Youtube artist from Delhi, India whose unique presentation of Bagpipe driven music has been gaining growing reputation Internationally and taking the internet by storm with several viral music video hits!

Learning Bagpipes without a teacher came with several challenges, yet Archy pushed through the difficulties for 2 years, learning via an e- book. Then, in 2014, she went to National Piping Centre in Glasgow where she took some lessons to polish her skills. Upon returning Archy quit her well paying job to pursue Bagpipes full time.

The Snake Charmer youtube channel has now 461,000 Subscribers and has over 70 Million views on her videos just on youtube. She is a pioneer in modern Bagpipe music and as a result has audience following her from all of the world!

FIRST WOMEN ACHIEVERS AWARD Archy was recently awarded the “First Women Achievers Award” by the President Of India in Jan 2018 for becoming India’s 1st Professional Female Bagpiper for her exceptional achievements.

SHE NEWS AWARD Nominated for “She News Award” under Influential women of India treading a unique path.