THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS Shares a Behind-the-Scenes Video of “Face Down”

Ronnie Winter (Lead Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, and Producer) explains “Over the years we’ve gotten a lot of requests for this song, not just to play it, but to re-record it. So we finally recorded not only a new symphonic edition of ‘Face Down’ but the whole album. With this video, we specifically chose to focus on the line “a new life she has found,” which is also my family’s experience. We definitely did not get to show that in the first video. Everything has been about that. From the casting to the crew to the locations, to the treatment, to the story. From the beginning, we really just wanted to show how awesome things can get if you have the courage to make decisions that can be extremely painful and tough. That’s what this has been about since the beginning. Not only have things worked out for the character in the video, but now she’s actually learned how to help other people get through the same situation that she has, which is very important to someone like me who’s in recovery because that’s what we do. So, it’s about healing and how it’s hard and messy, but it happens and it’s worth working towards.

I am a child of a domestic violence household, and so is my brother Randy, who plays guitar. It’s something that’s been tough, our whole lives. I don’t talk about it a lot, there are probably less than 10 really deep interviews about it, that’s a really low number for being a band for 20 years. The more I think about it, I get a little sad. There were definitely some times during the new video shoot when I got a little emotional. I’m trying to balance those memories because I thought that was all behind me. I remember showing our director Angela a picture of me on set from 17 years ago, and if you could see the photo you’d see what I’m talking about. I was literally completely full of anxiety, and also bad memories. I hadn’t had any therapy, I was just out there, just a 22-year-old with no tools, trying to deal with all this stuff that happened, while people are filming me, while I’m singing a song about it, and I never really even dealt with it myself. But because of the success of this song, I did eventually have to get straight with myself on what did happen. My whole family worked it out, there’s the good story. My mom, she’s doing really well. And with the new video what I wanted to show is that our character later had this great life that she achieved.

The song is an anti-domestic violence song, it has always been. So we did exactly what we did the first time, and we paired with an awesome charity called, you need to check them out, they’re great. Even if you don’t have anything like that going on in your life right now, you might get that phone call, from a cousin, or a sister, or a brother, or whoever is going through it, and you would have the resources now.”

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