The Quireboys: March 14, 2020 @ The Rail Club Live in Fort Worth, TX

The Quireboys brought their Amazing Disgrace 2020 USA Tour with main support from The Midnight Devils and Dallas Fort Worth locals Serein to the Rail Club Live on Saturday, March 14.

For Math intellectuals, March 14 holds a special place in the heart. The same goes for music junkies and rock and roll.

March 14 or 3.14 is International Pi Day. In mathematics, Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The unique fact for Pi is that the number never repeats, thus making it a never-ending number.

Like the at the Rail Club Live Saturday night, the rock and roll was never-ending. Only the set time dictated the stopping point.

Out of the five original acts scheduled to play, only three hit the stage.

MIRAL Recording artist The Raskins who is part of the tour package were unable to perform.

Local DFW band Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs also did not play. Earlier in the day, the band issued a statement citing an illness within the band would prevent them from performing. The band was concerned for the personnel of other the bands, employees of the club, fans and all involved.

The locally based five-piece Serein fronted by Chloe Clemente delivered a a straight forward, hard rock set. They prepped the crowd for main support, The Midnight Devils.

Serein vocalist Chloe Clemente
Photo by: Brian McLean

Serein has been slowly building a following the last several years. The band will be sharing the stage two consecutive nights with L.A. Guns at the Whisky in June.

Hailing from the Midwest, The Midnight Devils served as main support for the Quireboys. The band originally was scheduled to join the tour later in March but was asked to jump on board earlier than scheduled.

The Midnight Devils
L – R: Drummer Jimmy Mess, guitarist Chris “Sniper” Hineline and bassist / vocalist Sam Spade
Photo by: Brian McLean

According to bassist and vocalist Sam Spade, the band was contacted on Tuesday, March 3.

With the band’s mode of transportation already serviced and ready for the road, The Midnight Devils made their way west for their first night of the tour on Friday, March 6 in Salt Lake City, UT.

By the time The Midnight Devils parked at the Rail Club Live, the band already had six shows underneath their studded, black leather belts.

Decked out in neon colors, ripped black pants, sleeveless black shirts and black boots or black Converse sneakers, The Midnight Devils lit up the stage.

It was Spade that led the charge of energy. Spade and guitarist Sniper vaulted into the air from the drum riser. The duo defied gravity for a few moments while launching into “2 Miles Down,” the set opener.

The Omaha based band utilized material from the full-length debut Something Bigger. Fans heard “Generation Durt,” “Baptized by the Radio,” “Midnight Devils” and their new single “Pink Halo” for the set.

With an electrified 80’s vibe jolting from the stage, it made to fling out a cover of Van Halen’s “Panama”.

During “Memphis Mile,” Spade took to the floor where he was surrounded by attendees who just simply rocked out.

Sam Spade and Chris “Sniper” Hineline catching air late in set
Photo by: Brian McLean

It’s apparent with their set, The Midnight Devils are not just Midwest live music rookies. The Midnight Devils are veterans of the stage and present an energetic visual spectacle. Their presentation is influenced with hints of Alice Cooper, Motley Crue and Elvis.

According to The Quireboys vocalist Spike, it’s been years since the band has visited Fort Worth. This didn’t matter to the fans. They eagerly devoured whatever the English rock band politely delivered with their English mannerisms.

The band was touring in support of Amazing Disgrace, their latest release and 12th studio album. Having a vast discography, musical servings for their set were plenty but they were selective.

With plenty of British rock and roll swagger and accenting scarves, The Quireboys took to the stage with “I Love this Dirty Town” from the Homewreckers and Heartbreaksers album. And Fort Worth loved the Quireboys back even more so.

Spike’s voice still has the raspy sounds. He still sports the gypsy look and his scarves flow as he struts about the stage he commands. It’s a difficult feat for the eyes to stray away from him.

The Quireboys vocalist, Spike
Photo by: Brian McLean

The vocalist was flanked by guitarist Guy Griffin and Paul Guerin who would use the metal guitar slide.

The rhythm section was tight and well rounded with bright keyboards accenting every song of the night.

Nearly half of the 13 song set was pulled from the 1990 debut, A Bit of What You Fancy. This didn’t matter though. The crowd was happy to hear classics such as “Sweet Mary Ann,” “Hey You” and the heart tugging “I Don’t Love You Anymore”.

As expected, The Quireboys brought the night to a close with “7 O’ Clock” followed by the encore “Sex Party”.

The Rail Club Live didn’t host a sex party but did host a rock and roll party. The party featured one of the finest rock and roll bands still going, The Quireboys.

The six-piece English rock band proved an arena is not necessary to have a great night of rock and roll. In this case, it was The Quireboys at the Rail Club Live and the smaller, the better. Those who chose to weather the current distractions were able to leave that all behind. The rock and roll party with The Quireboys was their escape.