The Oracle Management, in Partnership with IndieMerch, Launches The Oracle Merchandise Company

The Oracle Management, in Partnership with IndieMerch, Launches The Oracle Merchandise Company
DevilDriver/Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara announced the launch of The Oracle Management with his wife, Vice President/CEO Anahstasia Fafara, last year. Since then, the team has quickly built a stellar roster comprised of musicians, bands, producers and beyond. Today, Dez and Anahstasia are thrilled to announce the launch of The Oracle‘s sister company, The Oracle Merchandise Company, powered by IndieMerch.
The Oracle Merchandise Company is a full-service company specializing in brand and band merchandise. The Oracle Merchandise Co. offers many reputable graphic designers for your design needs, competitive pricing on shipping, products and apparel, and a quick start-to-finish turnaround time. The Oracle Merchandise Co. offers merchandise ranging from apparel to accessories, and utilizes a proprietary login software that allows the client to review their account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The Oracle Merchandise Co. can be of great service in developing your band or brand! Any bands or brands interested in utilizing The Oracle Merchandise Co. for their merchandising needs should reach out via the contact page at You can also visit them on Instagram via
“As CEO of The Oracle Management, I am very proud to announce that our long-time partnership with IndieMerch is moving to the next level, as The Oracle Merchandise Co.powered by IndieMerch, launches. We have an eight-year history together and this is the logical move as we take The Oracle brand to the next level. Expect some great things coming! If you’re a band looking for the best pricing, shipping and graphic design, look no further than The Oracle Merchandise Co.Anahstasia Fafara, CEO, The Oracle Management/The Oracle Merchandise Co.
“We’ve been working with Dez on all of his projects for the past eight years, and The Oracle Management since its inception. We are excited to help Dez and Anahstasia take The Oracle to the next level and offer bands total control over their merchandise with the support of our 14 years of experience. The Oracle and their bands have been cooking up some really great ideas, so their fans can expect some really great items this year and the same quality and service they’ve come to expect from us.”Karim Peter, IndieMerch 
About The Oracle Management:
Founded in March 2017 by husband and wife of 20 years, Dez (DevilDriver, Coal Chamber) and Anahstasia Fafara, The Oracle Managementis a company powered by passion, honesty, integrity and a militant devotion to the creative arts. Two eternal goth kids united by love, for each other and for the music that brought them together, Dez and Anahstasia are poised to provide a much-needed burst of clarity and focus in a confused and unstable music world.
The Oracle Management represents Cradle of Filth, DevilDriver, Ross Robinson, Combichrist, Wednesday 13, The 69 Eyes, Jyrki 69,and Sumo CycoThe Oracle Management is also the umbrella company for many of Dez Fafara’s other lifestyle brands, such as SunCult Surf/Skate and apparel for the subculture. For band submissions and more information, email or visit