THE HIRSCH EFFEKT To Release New EP “GREGÆR” on March 26th via Long Branch Records

German progressive metal three-piece THE HIRSCH EFFEKT have announced a new EP, titled GREGÆR, for March 26th, 2021 via Long Branch Records.
With GREGÆR, The Hirsch Effekt delivers a unique EP that shows a different side of their musical work. Together with 17 young classical musicians from Hannover, DE, the band recorded orchestral versions of their songs “Natans”, “Domstol”, and “Kollaps”, as well as the brand new song “Gregær”. All tracks have been newly arranged for this project by Anthony Williams. On GREGÆR these four recordings now merge into an EP, which will be available as a strictly limited LP version as well as streaming and download. 
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1 Natans – Orchestral Version
2 Domstol – Orchestral Version
3 Kollaps – Orchestral Version
4 Gregær – Orchestral Version
D Room Session Vol. 16 // Hagelslag feat. The Hirsch Effekt - Kollaps
THE HIRSCH EFFEKT – “Kollaps” (Orchestral Version)
Moritz Schmidt (Drums)
Nils Wittrock (Guitar, Vocals)
Ilja John Lappin (Bass, Vocals)
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