THE HIRSCH EFFEKT Offer Commentary On Current Events With Their New Single “NARES”

It’s December 2021 and the Coronavirus pandemic continues to be the dominant topic everywhere. “If not now, when?” thought German progressive metal three-piece The Hirsch Effekt with their song “NARES”, which serves as not only a surprising new single, but also the band’s personal commentary on current events.
Listen to “NARES” here:
The Hirsch Effekt about their new single “NARES”:
“Besides lockdowns, home office, zoom calls, homeschooling, test centers, and crude freedom struggle comparisons with Sophie Scholl, the COVID pandemic in Germany has brought forth especially one thing above all else: dozens of ways to wear mouth-nose protection. As different as the Germans are, so are also the possibilities of pulling the mask over your face the wrong way. This mirrors the curious expression of individuality that is typical of a country in which one is incapable to understand that the freedom of the individual ends where that of the other begins. Racing unvaccinated with 200 kilometers per hour across the autobahn in order to shop your Demeter certified de-wormer in the organic supermarket while wearing the mask under your nose. It doesn’t work any place better than here. Because no matter what science will find out, some professional soccer player, who still expresses personal concerns about it, will always be found as well. And to him exactly, The Hirsch Effekt want to sing a song of worship, that he may remain true to himself and have his own opinion.”
The Hirsch Effekt - NARES (Official Lyric Video)
The Hirsch Effekt – “NARES” (Lyric Video)
Moritz Schmidt (Drums)
Nils Wittrock (Guitar, Vocals)
Ilja John Lappin (Bass, Vocals)