The Esoteric Tradition is Metal AF by IMMERSER’s John Logan Parsons III

I have always been fascinated with the spiritual side of things. Even as a child I remember playing with Tarot cards and sticking the ones I thought looked cool on my bedroom walls, or preferring to read Dante’s Inferno in school while other kids were reading the Grapes of Wrath. At that time I had no idea the impact this form of esoteric spirituality and many other occult traditions would have on me later in life. I think being a creative person opens up seeing things in a different way, being able to read between the lines so to speak. As artists we tend to be more in touch with our emotional landscape, we feel things deeply. This ability to go within, enables us to grasp metaphorical concepts that others might not! I had quite a rough childhood and was very self destructive in my teens and early twenties. By the time I was fifteen years old, I found myself in a lockdown drug rehabilitation center and spent two years there! I also ended up homeless in my early twenties. It was at this time that I rediscovered spirituality and it saved my life! I was so angry at the world and felt like I had an emotional hole in my heart that I would endlessly try to fill. I would try and fill it with drugs and self destruction. Obviously none of that worked! It wasn’t until I tried the complete opposite that I finally began to heal. Instead of trying to fill that hole with anger, hatred or pain I began to fill it with unconditional love for myself and others. That one decision and change of thinking, altered me in ways that are almost indescribable. I began seeking all of the knowledge I could, anything that had to do with Spirituality, Religion or God. This seeking lead me to becoming involved in multiple esoteric schools and traditions including Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Martinism, Templarism, Alchemy, Gnosticism and Hermeticism. All of these things have shaped who I am now, I have also integrated many of these philosophies into my lyrics. Theres a quote that says “We often find God in the Darkest places” I truly believe that. I mean that’s my experience at least. I had to lose everything to gain it all. So now those tarot cards that I thought looked cool when I was a kid hanging on my wall, look a lot cooler hanging in my heart!

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