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Cover Art by Nikollaj Leshi

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“Don’t Cha” is THE DEV’s fifth single release to date. The song is a Hard Rock cover version of The Pussycat Dolls’ 2005 release. THE DEV says, “Originally, the song was in the band’s set list as just a fun sing along and frankly was done kind of as a joke but, quickly the song become a regular in our set list after always receiving a great response.” The band quickly learned fans wanted to hear a studio version of the song after hearing them state, “this is the remake we never knew we needed!”.

THE DEV describes the recording process, “We wanted to keep a bit of the original idea of the original song but wanted to completely flip it on its head, rock and roll style. We also rewrote the feel and impact of the bridge making it the climax of the song. We wanted the music itself to tell a story in a cinematic sense.”

The music video was shot by the band’s good friend, Byron of SynfulMind Photography and

THE DEV collectively. The music video was edited and put together by the band’s drummer Chris Caruso. “We wanted to do something completely different for us and the fans by doing a fun non-serious kind of video for this one,” says the band.

THE DEV describes the video, “The video is a nod to the early Foo Fighters music videos. It tells a story of a girls only slumber party where the neighbors next door try to crash the party by any means necessary by dressing as a cable guy, landlord, delivery guy and a pool guy. There’s pillow fights, twerking and girls in a hot tub. What else could you ask for?” 

THE DEV says, “this is our first attempt at keeping everything in house. We want you the fans to know that when you’re listening to the song or watching the video, you’re getting us 100%.”

“This project went really well and we’re extremely happy with the results and we hope you feel the same. The plan for now is to continue keeping it in house for future releases so you the fans can experience 100% of our creativity.”

The entire production, writing, recording, mixing process, music video and music video editing was done completely in house except for the mastering of the track. The song was produced and recorded at the band’s rehearsal space/studio by guitarist Barrett Jones. 

Additional production was done by guitarist Ryan Danley and THE DEV collectively. Mixing was done by Barrett Jones at his home studio. Mastering was done by Mark B. Christensen of Engine Room Audio New York City. Artwork for the single was also done in house by singer Nikollaj Leshi.


Photo Credit: Christian Maravelis – @theguyfromthepic

THE DEV is a female fronted hard rock band from Central Florida. The band puts a focus on creating a fan experience, not only through their music but also through their onstage performance. Their high energy show and onstage charisma, draws in their audience from beginning to end, as they hope they (the audience) forget about their everyday stresses of day to day life and enjoy themselves in the moment.

The band is comprised of lead vocalist Nikollaj , guitarists Ryan Danley and Barrett Jones, bassist John Panaccione and drummer Chris Caruso.

THE DEV released their first single “Broken Lies” in 2019 that gained the attention of Alternative Press’: 10 New Songs You Need To Hear This Week , as well as several other media outlets. Following their first single, they released “Queen Of The Damned”, a riffing, gritty, in your face rock classic that was featured and premiered on Alternative Press Magazine; followed by “Shameless Life”, a chugging, driving, pop metal track that tells the story of the ups and downs of the industry; and their latest “Hell Bent”, a sexy, sleazy, hard rock anthem that makes you want to party from start to finish.

THE DEV so far have been on three (3) successful US tours and had breakout performances at Welcome To Rockville in Daytona Beach, FL, November 2021, which drew an astounding 160,000 fans in attendance, playing alongside: Metallica, Rob Zombie, Social Distortion, Chevelle and others; Kraken Fest in Orlando, FL, February 2022, playing alongside The Used, Anberlin, Story of the Year, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and others; And more recently Louder Than Life fest in Louisville, KY, September 2022, along side Slipknot, Shinedown, Lamb Of God, Mastodon, In This Moment and other noteable acts.

The band also was named Orlando Weekly’s “Best Rock Act” of both 2021 & 2022 consecutively.

The band kicked off 2023 with a bombastic performance at Orlando’s House Of Blues as well as securing an opening slot for veteran nationals, Texas Hippie Coalition at Conduit in Winter Park, FL.

With no shortage of experience, THE DEV has a level of professionalism and showcasing that will have you sweaty, standing on your chairs pumping your fists for the love of rock and roll.


Photo Credit: Christian Maravelis – @theguyfromthepic



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THE DEV “Don’t Cha” – Release Date: 4-14-2023

Recorded by: Barrett Jones 

Produced by: Barrett Jones, Ryan Danley and THE DEV

Mixed by: Barrett Jones

Mastered by: Mark B. Christensen

Music Video shot by: @synfulmind (Instagram) and THE DEV

Music Video edited by: Chris Caruso