THE COFFINSHAKERS Share Single “Reverends Of Doom ” + Video

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New Album, ‘Graves, Release Your Dead’

Out September 15th! — Pre-Order HERE

THE COFFINSHAKERS remind you to beware of the living dead in their haunted new music video ‘Reverends Of Doom’ from their upcoming album ‘Graves, Release Your Dead’. The song is a grave warning about the haunting threat of the revenge of the living dead.

The band’s bass player, Joe Undertaker, has directed an ominous short movie for this bloodthirsty taste from their upcoming album, to better familiarize the uninitiated with THE COFFINSHAKERS’ original brand of haunted country music.

See it for yourself on the Svart Records YouTube channel HERE

THE COFFINSHAKERS’ past nocturnal glories include the debut album ‘We Are The Undead’ (1998) and their eponymous sophomore record (2007), after which the cadaverous quartet retreated to the silence of the tomb, having vacated their respective coffins only sporadically when invoked to perform undead rituals in front of a live audience.

Now, many moons since they last haunted the earthly domain, the hour has come for another foray into the realm of the living. Yet again the dead shall live, the living die, and Musick shall untune the sky. 

Svart Records will release ‘Graves, Release Your Dead’ by THE COFFINSHAKERS on September 15th on long playing vinyl, compact disc and digital formats.

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The Coffinshakers are:

Rob Coffinshaker – Vocals & guitar

Fang – Electric guitar

Joe Undertaker – Bass

Andy Bones – Drums & percussion


Producer: Rob Coffinshaker


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