Testament: Titans of Creation

Nearly four years have passed since Testament unleashed a studio album assault on their legions. During that time, the band tour relentlessly gaining as much mileage wise for that release. This allowed for a less stressed environment resulting in higher achieving inspiration for the band’s new studio album. The combination of these things has allowed Testament to release their latest studio effort titled Titans of Creation through Nuclear Blast Records.

The 12-track onslaught sees Testament expanding their sound, bringing new elements to the table such as vocals from Eric Peterson. Yet the band stays true to its gritty thrash metal roots.

Lyrically, Titans of Creation touches on various topics such as an outrageous religious philosophy, dreams, a New England horror folktale, mental illness, medical healing and the Nightstalker. The influences lyrically combined with the heaviness of Testament result in a crushing album.

Track one, “Children of the Next Level” is one such lyrically influenced cut. As soon as the needle drops, the onslaught that is Titans of Creation is underway. As the track works it way through, the listener hears about  the Heaven’s Gate cult that conducted a mass suicide in October 1996. In total, 39 lives perished.

Testament doesn’t let up whether on the old school “Dream Deceiver,” “Night of the Witch” featuring guitarist Eric Peterson on vocals, struggles of mental illness in “Symptoms,” “City of Angels” or Chuck Billy’s natural healing experiences in “The Healers”.

No matter where the time falls within the release, Billy belts out beast like vocals line after line along with heavy riff after riff from duo Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson. These components are secured on the battering rhythm foundation from start to finish.

Testament throws a slight curve with the Egyptian influenced metal instrumental “Catacombs” that concludes the disc. The track builds as visualizations of Egyptian warriors trekking through the sand towards battle playout in the mind. Unexpectable, the track fades leaving the listener mystified and wondering what could have been in battle.

Titans of Creation is an amazing offering to the masses. The Testament faithful will flock to this release. It’s those on the outside of the Testament perimeter that will need to take that final step forward, becoming one of the legions. As the cover art illustrates, Titans of Creation should engulf all.

Photo courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records