Tesseract Release Full Performance Video Of “Concealing Fate Pt. 1 (P O R T A L S)” From  P O R T A L S Out Friday August 27 On Kscope — Watch

With the multi-format physical release of TesseracT‘s ambitious live experience P O R T A L S imminent, the band has revealed the performance video for “Concealing Fate Pt 1.” 
Amos Williams, TesseracT’s bass player and the driving force behind P O R T A L S, comments “Concealing Fate Part One…Acceptance. This, for many long time fans, would have been the first bit of noise that they would have heard from us. It’s a powerful journey for the band that encompasses so much of what we are. Heavy, chunky riffs, soaring melodies, and intricate rhythmic sections. It’s all and everything TesseracT is.”
He continues, “So, for P O R T A L S, we decided it needed a look that was unlike anything else we had ever created. Our team did not disappoint. The visual tone captured by Richard Oakes has a quality that draws you in. The unusual lighting created by Tom Campbell sits stark in contrast to the rest of the show. Somehow this song stays fresh, even after all these years. The story it has to tell remains true. It is perhaps fitting that as we release P O R T A LS on Friday, we should also release the first song from from our first release way back in 2010. The song that began our long journey.”

This ambitious concept was created to offer an escape in a time of isolation. The cinematic experience fused live performance with beautiful lighting and striking effects, brought together by chaptered screenplay. By taking their most daring steps as a creative force, the band offered the viewer a completely new and unique experience. The P O R T A L S show saw the band perform 14 songs spanning their entire catalog in a performance that lasted over two hours, including fan favorites, singles, and tracks that had never performed live before. 

Kscope will present this unique event to a wider audience for the first time. The film and soundtrack will be issued on an array of formats including Blu-Ray, Triple LP soundtrack, and as a limited edition deluxe four-disc book edition on August 27. The release is, unsurprisingly being praised by the media with Metal Hammer describing it as “a hugely impressive document showing how far TesseracT have come as a band” and Prog Magazine similarly stating P O R T A L S is  “a powerful snapshot of where the band are now.”
 The band also previously shared the video for “Nocturne” and “Tourniquet.”
1. “Of Matter” (P O R T A L S) [13:55]
2. “King” (P O R T A L S) [06:28]
3. “Concealing Fate Parts 1, 2 & 3” (P O R T A L S) [18:15]
4. “Tourniquet” (P O R T A L S) [04:30]
5. “Beneath My Skin/Mirror Image” (P O R T A L S) [05:44]
6. “Orbital” (P O R T A L S) [02:06] 
7. “Juno” (P O R T A L S) [06:11]
8. “Cages” (P O R T A L S) [05:28]
9. “Dystopia” (P O R T A L S) [06:43]
10. “Phoenix” (P O R T A L S) [04:18]
11. “Nocturne” (P O R T A L S) [04:21]
12. “Eden” (P O R T A L S) [06:30]
13. “Of Energy” (P O R T A L S) [11:05]
14. “Seven Names” (P O R T A L S) [05:02]
 P O R T A L S will be released on the following formats. Pre-order it here.

Blu-ray & DVD includes: P O R T A L S main feature • Behind the scenes documentary Live In The Lockdown • P O R T A L S hi res audio only version (all BD/DVD audio 48/24 PCM Stereo) • 2-CD P O R T A L S soundtrack • All presented in a lavish set with 40-page book containing exclusive pictures • Extensive liner notes from Amos Williams • Individually numbered art print.

The band webstore will exclusively sell a limited number of this set with the art prints signed by TesseracT.

 P O R T A L S main feature • Behind the scenes documentary • Live In The Lockdown • P O R T A L S hi res audio only version (48/24 PCM Stereo)
 The soundtrack to the stunning cinematic live experience P O R T A L S featuring tracks spanning the band’s career to date including “Nocturne,” “Seven Names,” and “King.”
Along with the release of the livestream event, the band will be playing its first live shows in almost two years this November and December, as special guests to Trivium in the UK and Europe, as well as returning to North American shores in 2022; see the band’s website for details.


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