TEMPERANCE Releases New Video for “Set Yourself Free”

After the well-received release of their latest album, DiamantiTEMPERANCE is back for more! The modern melodic metal aficionados have come through with an uncompromising single, “Set Yourself Free” – a bonus track cut from the official digital deluxe version of the album, out today via Napalm Records! Rhythmic guitars meet melodies and grand compositions, unfolding TEMPERANCE‘s combined vocal powers to their fullest potential.Set Yourself Free” is one of TEMPERANCE’s heaviest songs yet!

This melodic metal triumph prepares listeners for the band’s upcoming show in London at Underworld on March 29, 2022. That night, the Italian quintet will proudly headline The International Women of Rock Unity Tour as a special guest, alongside Control The Storm and Alia Tempora.

Marco Pastorino (vocals, guitar) comments on the new single:“‘Set Yourself Free’ is probably the most modern metal track we recorded during Diamanti‘s sessions. It’s an extra song for special moments like this, so we decided to release it to celebrate our comeback on stage after two years. Enjoy and let’s sing it with us!”
Diamanti was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica, Amaranthe), with the cover artwork once again created by Yann Souetre (Ayreon). Marco Pastorino (vocals, guitar) on the new album: “With Diamanti, we’ve managed to combine our best qualities and select the best TEMPERANCE songs so far.  It’s not our heaviest album, it’s not our fastest work, but surely it’s our favorite one so far!

We weren’t necessarily supposed to record a new album only one year after Viridian, but luckily we made it! In this album you will find our trademarks: the vocal harmonies, the catchy melodies, but also epic stuff, strong arrangements, and long tracks – I am very proud of Diamanti and I am convinced we have written a bombastic album!”

Get Your Copy of Diamanti HERE:
Diamanti Tracklist: 
1.   Pure Life Unfolds
2.   Breaking The Rules of Heavy Metal
3.   Diamanti
4.   Black Is My Heart
5.   Litany Of The Northern Lights
6.   You Only Live Once
7.   I The Loneliness
8.   Codebreaker
9.   The Night Before The End
10. Fairy Tales For The Stars
11.  Let’s Get Started
12. Follow Me
The standard version of Diamanti is available in the following formats:
– CD Digipak- LP Gatefold BLACK
– Digital Deluxe Album (+ Bonus Track)
– Digital Album

Alessia Scolletti – vocals
Michele Guaitoli – vocals, piano
Marco Pastorino – vocals, guitar
Luca Negro – bass guitar
Alfonso Mocerino – drums