Tarja Turunen + Torsten Stenzel Launch Outlanders Project

OUTLANDERS was created by Finnish soprano legend Tarja Turunen and EDM pioneer Torsten Stenzel

Both were able to recruit some of the most influential guitar players of our time to feature as guests on their songs.

So, what genre is OUTLANDERS?

The answer is simple: It is a music genre on its own, since classifying OUTLANDERS as any pre-existing genre would be a fruitless endeavor.

Tarja’s vision for OUTLANDERS is to create something fresh and new. OUTLANDERS combine chill, exciting electronic beats with Tarja’s emotional, classically trained vocals, along with unique guitar performances. These three elements are a constant in all the songs.

Their new song “Closer to The Sky” marks the start of a release series of eight tracks via earMUSIC preceding a full-length album; each song presents an exceptional guitarist as a guess.

Some participants include Al Di MeolaJoe SatrianiJennifer BattenSteve RotheryMike OldfieldWalter GiardinoRon “Bumblefoot” ThalVernon Reid, and Marty Friedman.

Recorded and mixed mainly on the Caribbean island of Antigua during the last 10 years, the sounds of OUTLANDERS are mystic. They are soft and powerful; catchy and dreamy; modern but vintage — at the same time. Their music is about opposites that magically attract each other and the three aesthetic pillar elements unite to create a singular unique sound.

First track “Closer to the Sky,” composed by Tarja and Erik Nyholm, is set for release November 26, 202. It features guitarist Trevor Rabin, best known as guitarist of prog rock icons YES, as well as a top Hollywood blockbuster movies score composer.

A-Side: “Closer to the Sky”
B-Side: “Closer to the Sky” (Dub Mix)