TarantisT Stands In Solidarity with People of Iran

Special Los Angeles Performance 

In support and solidarity with people of Iran following the ongoing unrest within the country, Iranian-American rock/metal band TarantisT had a free public unplugged set in front of the Los Angeles Federal Building on Wilshire Boulevard on Sunday June 19, 2022.

All major Farsi medias were covering this event and TarantisT’s activities. Reza Pahlavi, who prior to the 1979 Iranian Revolution was the Crown Prince of Iran, posted about TarantisT’s event on his twitter, Instagram and other social media pages, encouraging people to get together and support the cause. The current trending hashtags are #4iran #artists4iran, “my instrument, my weapon” and #برای_ایران in Farsi which means “for Iran”.

TarantisT is planning on putting events in different cities of North America and Europe to raise awareness and support the cause.  

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About TarantisT:

Formed in 2000 by a group of young underground metal heads, TarantisT originated in the basement alternative rock and heavy metal scenes in their native Tehran, Iran. Having to perform secretly but loudly often proved to be difficult, but after sparking a following via word of mouth in the underground, the band soon began to garner international recognition. Within just a few years, international media correspondents inspired by their story (including BBC, SKY, CNN, NPR, Metal Hammer and Kerrang) started visiting Tehran to meet and talk with TarantisT. These news reports and articles aided TarantisT in cultivating a worldwide following – motivating the band to relocate to the United States Los Angeles in 2008.

​​The band was invited to play several festivals like SXSW, CMJ, Canadian Music Week and Intergalactic Fest. TarantisT quickly added to their touring repertoire, performing on the same stages as Metallica, Motörhead, Stone Temple Pilots, Muse, Cheap Trick, Voivod, Sum 41, My Ruin, Ben Harper and many more

TarantisT on social media:

@tarantist instagram & twitter

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0e1CRZ2g8OBk2PIr5XvjXe?si=CFegiVaLRpGjPLUVr15LBg

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/tarantist/289351697