TALES OF THE TOMB Premiere EP Stream “Volume Two: Mendacium” via Decibel Mag

Painting their canvas of extreme music with inspirations of real-life stories of murder, conspiracy, supernatural horror, and terror, Edmonton’s Tales of The Tomb will unleash their new EP “Volume Two: Mendicium” on September 27th. The EP is a collection of narratives surrounding government cover-ups, national lies and the heinous crimes committed amongst the shadows. Before the EP officially drops, the duo has teamed up with Decibel Magazine for its exclusive full stream HERE.
A sonic attack layered with grinding blast beats, injected with menacing guttural lows “Volume Two: Mendicium” is a sound straight from hell with gore-filled lyrics leaving little to the imagination, destroying your eardrums like a corpse is erased in an acid-filled bath. Mixed and mastered by Cryptopsy guitar player and Head Engineer/Owner at The Grid Studios Christian Donaldson. The EP also contains a bonus track about the Japanese horror film Mermaid in a Manhole. Featuring artwork by Tony Midi of Tonymidi Artworks. Pre-order the album HERE.
Unified by the desire to have the grotesque power of 90’s era death and murder metal, Tales of The Tomb started as a thought that grew into an insatiable need to make extreme music.  Tales Of The Tomb was created in October 2013 from founder Corey Skerlak (guitar, vocals) out of inspiration from the original murder metal band Macabre. 
Much of their inspiration is drawn from the hideous crimes and conspiracies of the world. Retelling stories of the dark hidden secrets and victims from such crimes. This was the inspiration for the name Tales of The Tomb. 
‘The Sinful Messiah’ here.
‘The Nightmare Hall’ here.
‘Nine Eleven’ here.
Track Listing:
1. The Nightmare Hall (4:05)
2. Faul (3:02)
3. The Sinful Messiah (4:14)
4. Dyatlov Pass Incident (3:52)
5. Nine Eleven (4:46)
6. Mermaid In A Manhole (3:33)
EP Length: 23:44
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